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Is there a Dragon Ball Z game for Playstation? - Brandon -
Well...yes. In the USA there has only been one Dragonball game ever released. It was for the PSX and is now a rare and out of print title. You can still buy the 3 DBZ games that were released in Japan. We have them all reviewed here at Game Tour. Try our search engine (TIP: type dragon). You can still buy them on the web from places like (a site sponsor with a link on the side). Hope this helps a few people out...we get DBZ questions all the time.
Why do u guys think u are so great that u only answer one question a month? if u have an answer for the question that is asked u should post it. i understand u probably get a shitload of quetions, but god damn, ive seen the same question on the top of the list for about a month. so my question is :why dont u get off your dead asses and run this site like a respectable co. and do a little work and help some folks out?!?!?!?!? - jester101 -
If someone would send us a question that is not a Dragon Ball Z question we would be happy to answer it. We are tired of people asking "where can I get the usa version of Final Bout". We also will not answer question about level 4 in such and such game. I hope this helps you out Jester.
Where can I get a Playstation 2? When will there be more systems available? How much is the Playstation 2? Playstation 2...? - Just about everyone who emails me! -
Sony has these answers not us. The MSRP for the USA version is $299. Where you can get it...we have no idea? While many places are getting these a few at a time. They sell out even faster. My suggestion for you is to buy the Dreamcast and RED DOG or NBA 2K1.
Will there be any Dragoball Z games made for the PSX 2? - Jay -
We get this question a lot. From what we know the answer is a simple...we don't know. It is my belief that you will not see it. As of now there are no plans for any USA versions of any DBZ games. I think even in Japan there are no releases due. Keep in mind that in Japan there are no new DBZ movies or cartoons at this time. If you are into Anime you should get into Gundam while you can.
Hey, you oh so lovable video game wizards.I'm a big fan of mgs.Somewhere I heard that MGS2 was going to be released,but I'm not sure what system it's going to be released on.Some help? - Solid Snake -
You can expect Metal Gear Solid to be on the PS2 in late 2001. Keep checking GT news for more info as we get it.
Is Dragon Ball going to come out for Playstation 2 is it really going to come out? Is it going to be cool? Or the rumor just a buncha BS - Vegeta -
Well as you stated...a rumor. So far Bandaii has not stated that there will be one but we are all hopeful. The Final Bout was not a big seller at the time and may have discouraged them. American consumers are too fickle about buying games. Maybe if certain people would not pirate then they could afford better American releases. Lets hope PS 2 is pirate proof and that we see USA DragonBall games.
Where can i buy a pocket gameboy? I don't need the color gameboy i have regular gameboy games but no gameboy and i'd like to have the pocket version. Is there anything on the net or do i have to check the funcoland used video game scene? - Derek -
Good Question. Did you know that you can play black and white games on the GB color? You could also check Ebay for a deal. I personally do not like Funco. Try ebay.
I live in Iowa and I'm a fan of dragonballz and I was wondering if theres a place where I can buy a dragonballz game for the playstation and i dont want to buy it over the internet and some of them are just for Japan do you have any answers - Dude in Iowa -
Well...I am from the midwest as well and I can tell you straight out that you will not find them. I suggest you buy it online. There are all Japanese Imports except Final Bout which is now out of print and is on Ebay for well over $200. Buy the import at they have all 3 Japanese versions for only $45 each and they are a reputable company. Also read the reviews we have on these games. They include screenshots.
Where can I get good emulators for SNES and NES? - Dexter - These guys are the emulator kings!
I rented Ready to Rumble Boxing for N64 and I don´t know how to use the special ¨RUMBLE¨ move. Could you guys please tell me how to use it so I can kick some butt. Thanks. - Boxing Fan -
Acquire the letters “R-U-M-B-L-E” during a round. Then press A + B to initiate the fighter’s Rumble combination. (Note: For additional potency, press down-C + right-C while in Rumble mode.) Submitted by Aaron L
I'm from Guatemala, I just rented the game so I don´t have the manual, therefore I don´t know how to use the ¨RUMBLE¨ move when necessary, wich is serously affecting my game. Please could you guys tell me how to use it? Thanks... - Jose, Guatemala -
Well Jose...First off...Which game? I will answer your second question when I have the answer to the first.
Why is Konami releasing the Metal Gear Solid 2 movie on DVD in Japan and not in the U.S.? I wanna see it! - Elizabeth K. - Frackville, PA -
Well we’ve got a few guesses as to why that is. We think it could be a combination of the guesses, actually. First off, America got to see the movie – technically. It was shown at E3 (and amazed everyone there, too). So, we had our chance. Reason two? Well, they have the PlayStation2 there, right? They have DVD’s on the PlayStation2 (which will be the system MGS2 debuts on) and Sony and friends have been playing up the DVD function on the PS2 for some time now. So, the MGS2 DVD movie is serving three functions: to get Japanese gamers hyped up for the game while pushing the DVD functions of the PS2 and making a little extra cash (they’re selling it for around $15). We don’t have the PS2 here in the states yet, so why sell a DVD for it? Simple as that. Will they release it here? We’ll have to wait and see! We’re gonna guess no – they’ll just give (we mean sell) us the game!
Dear Gametour, Hi guys! I know that you can answer my question! I’m worried about the future status of my GameBoy Color Now that the release of GameBoy Advance is approaching. OK, GameBoy Advance (the system) is backward compatible, but will there be games made for the GBA that I can play on my older GameBoy (like how you can play specific GameBoy Color games on the Pocket GameBoy or FatBoy)? - Really Worried GBCFan -
We can answer that! From what we know right now (and Nintendo isn’t telling us anything specific, but it’s still cool.) there will be GAMES that ARE backward compatible. Meaning exactly what you said, GameBoy Advance games you can play on the older models. Nintendo will still be making the games in cartridge format. It’s probably not going to be a forever thing, though… Nintendo will probably phase out the making of games that can be played on the Pocket GameBoy, the FatBoy (the big clunker first edition) and GBC. The screen of the GBA will be .6” larger than the GameBoy Color and have better resolution, so the look might be slightly different – but still the game you love. See? It’s ok, buddy. Your model will not be completely obsolete come the arrival of the GameBoy Advance. You’ll have time to save up enough money to get one!

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