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Game Tour is currently looking to partner with the best possible selection of sites imaginable. Some of the benefits of a partnership is our commitment to you, your site, and your viewers. GT has been a leader in grouping sites that belong together. If your content focuses on the videogame market then you are a perfect fit. If your site has more than 20,000 page views a month then we can help you grow. We understand the needs of a small site struggling to separate itself from the rest. GT has many features that are ready to plug-in almost immediately. We can add a mailing list, ad server, poll,hit counter, web based email, site search engines, and more. We can do these setups for you even. Are you tired of having a URL so long that even you do not remember it? How about a Gametour subdomain like

You might ask yourself why GT does this. The answer is simple. When you grow then so do we. Partnerships are what the web is all about. People coming together for joint ventures and the sharing of ideas. We at GT also want to share our resources as well. What we also hope to gain is long term alliances that stand the test of time. We want commitment from you just as much as we are willing to commit to you.

Now for the question everyone asks...How much? How about FREE! We know that some people can't afford web services. Hosting alone is a monthly fee that most can't afford. Then there is the cost of programs...and paying someone to set them up. Some people use free services like listbot or geocities. If you do then prepare to be another drop of water in the bucket. You are meaningless to these companies. How will they help you grow if you are user 816200137? The reality is is that they can't. We at GT can help you. With not just a domain that's rememberable, scripts that work but also FREE web space and professional advice. Unlike Geocities which forces pop up windows on every screen, GT only uses the top 70 pixels of a page to allow only one ad banner. What you do with the rest is your decision. We do not have a limit on the megs we offer. Initially we will review your application to see if your site or idea is worthy. You do not need an existing site but it would be helpful. We will allot web space on our servers as deemed appropriate. If you want to go over your allotment then please email us.

Some current network sites include Atari.NET,,, and You could be next. For any further questions please email us.


We will respond within 48 hours.

Email Address:
Site Name:
Site URL:
Space needed:
Type of site:
250 words description:
Your plans:
Average Daily visitors (if known):
Scripts you will need added (check all that apply):
hit counter
statistics server
form mail
message board
site search engine
Do you have any Rich Streaming Media?
Anything else you want to say?
Any questions…please ask here.

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