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Parasite Eve II

Bounty and replay modes
Successfully complete the game to unlock bounty and replay modes.

Scavenger (supportless) mode
Successfully complete the game with at least 69001 EXP to unlock scavenger mode.

Nightmare (deadly) mode
Successfully complete scavenger mode to unlock nightmare mode.

GunBlade weapon
Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank. The GunBlade weapon from Final Fantasy 8 will be available in replay mode for 10,000 BP. Press R1 to swing it at an opponent, then press R2 to shoot when it hits an opponent. Note: This weapon uses shotgun ammunition.

Hyper Velocity weapon
Successfully complete the game with an "A" rank. The Hyper Velocity weapon will be available in replay mode for 20,000 BP.

Monk Robe
Successfully complete the game with an "L" rank. The Monk Robe armor will be available in replay mode for 3,000 BP.

Rating requirements
Successfully complete the game with one of the following ratings and EXP scores to unlock the corresponding bonus items in the shops for purchase:

Rating Experience Bonus items
S Over 400,001 GunBlade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de Toilette
A 200,001 - 400,001 Hyper Velocity, Hunter goggles, MP Boost 2
B 75,001 - 200,000 MM1, Airburst Grenades, Recovery 3
C 72,001 - 75,000 M249, .44 MaedaSP Rounds, Cola
D 69,001 - 72,000 .44 Mongoose, Magnum Rounds, Skull Crystal
E 66,001 - 69,000 AS12, R.Slug Rounds, firefly Rounds
F 62,001 - 66,000 Aya Special, 9mm Spartan Rounds, Lucky Card
G 57,001 - 62,001 Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water
H 51,001 - 57,000 Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armor
I 44,001 - 51,000 Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1
J 16,001 - 44,000 M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra
K 14,511 - 16,000 M9 Bayonet, M4A1 M Clip, Flare
L Less than 14,510 Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2

Rating bonuses
You will be rewarded with a rating boost when completing the following modes:

Bounty mode: 1 extra rating level
Scavenger mode: 2 extra rating levels
Nightmare mode: 3 extra rating levels

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