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Dead or Alive 2

3D Character Select
To have the characters in 3D when selecting (you can also see which
costume they are wearing), simply turn off the Quick Selector in the VS.
mode options.

Arial Garden (Nightime)
To get the cool Firefly level, select Arial Garden in Vs. mode using the right

Bounce Trick
In the options menu, sub-menu "other", the age you enter determines how
bouncy the gals are - the higher ( i.e., the more "mature" ) your age, the
bouncier they get.

Camera zoom in after-battle taunts
To zoom the camera in after-battle taunts just press B button while your
character is taunting after the replay.

NOTE: this doesn't work for tag team taunts

Clean pause screen
Press X+Y after pausing the game for a clear pause screen.

Control Camera During Victory Pose
hile your character is doing their victory pose, press and hold the B button
and use either control pad to rotate the camera around them.

Hidden Cut-Scene
To view the hidden cut-scene, you must be first playing as Ayane in story mode, and when you get to
the battle against Kasumi you must K.O. her in the ice pit, and she must land approx. 10ft away from
you. If you do this correctly, you will then watch the fireball cut-scene from the intro movie.

Hidden Wallpaper on disc
Put the DOA2 disc into your CD-ROM drive on your computer to find wallpaper images in the Bonus

Matrix-style freeze frame
You can hold the B button, Y button, and Up-Right on the Analog control stick during a replay. The
camera should spin around the fighters who are stuck in mid-combat.

To perform a taunt for a character simply press forward back forward and punch, kick and free at the
same time. Some characters have more then one, just reverse the motion to back forward back. As well
when Zack does his taunt in his third costume, the dangly thing on his head lights up!

Unlock Original Arcade Mode Intro
To unlock the original arcade mode introduction sequence (the one with Kasumi naked), set the age
option to anything higher than 20. Then gain a top score in the Survival Mode and enter your name as
"REALDEMO". Save your game, and then restart to view the new intro!


Infinite Health P1

Infinite Health P2

No Health P1

No Health P2

Low Health P1

Low Health P2

50% Health P1

50% Health P1

50% Health P2

50% Health P2

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