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64DD in the News 01/01/2000
64DD in the News At Nintendo's Spaceworld 99' there was a lot of talk about the
64DD add-on drive for the Nintendo 64.The good news is that with all the great
new features, it's definitely worth waiting for! The 64DD Add-on includes the
following features: 64DD Drive - The amazing writeable disk drive we've been hearing
about. N64Modem and cable - the Modem actually plugs into the cartridge slot which
you can then connect to your phone line. Memory Expansion Pak - The 4MB Ram expansion
pak, this is already available here, you can play compatible games in hi-res mode.
Members' Disk - Special Disk to allow "members" into a info exchange page and
access the internet. Randnet -the 64DD's online community. Lucky members can connect
via modem to battle it out across the internet, or they can choose to just watch.
Other features include, a messaging-system for getting clues on games, or to give
feedback on a specific game your playing. Internet access, specialized e-magazines,
and music downloads. And if that wasn't enough, possibly the best thing Nintendo
is promising is, editable characters, and music through special proprietary tools.
I think it's safe to say, that if Nintendo can actually produce all these things
for the 64DD, it will truly bring console gaming into the next millennium!

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