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iGames & EA Team Up for TimeSplitters Tourney 03/25/2005
On March 26, iGames will host a premier launch event and tournament spanning 25 of its most active game centers across North America to help promote the third title in the acclaimed TimeSplitters series, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The tournament will be followed by a two-week showcase of the game in more than 50 iGames centers, so that any gamers who still haven't had a chance to try it out will have an opportunity to
experience the game with one hour of free play.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect takes players across nine unique
time-traveling episodes where they encounter over 90 characters and enemies, each with their own distinct graphical style. Voyaging from the Wild West to Neo Tokyo 2019 to a Robot Factory in cold space, players set out to accomplish the mission objectives set before them within these deeply immersive environments. The co-operative story mode features a complex narrative and animated cut-scenes with huge, detailed environments and atmospheric music. The arsenal of weapons varies through the ages, ranging from crossbows and blowguns to laser pulse rifles and flamethrowers. The customizable multiplayer mode, with its variety of scenarios including death match, capture-the-bag, escort, and last stand, plus the 2–4 split-screen action in LAN setup promise an exhilarating console playing experience.

For the tournament, several gameplay modes are going to be available to players. Some of the best experiences and most exciting multiplayer modes include: Shrink, where depending on skill and rating, players maintain their size on screen or shrink, making them harder to detect and attack; Monkey Assistant, which allows the player in last place to get a little
help from a pack of gun-wielding Monkeys; and Thief, where players built credit by collecting coins from their victims or by stealing them from an opponents’ victim.

For those lucky enough to attend the event, EA will also provide hundreds of t-shirts and posters that will be distributed by iGames to participating game centers. For a complete list of iGames game centers hosting the premier, visit:

and for upcoming iGames events including signup details, please visit or contact Carol Bennett, iGames Events Director, at


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