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My RPG - A Unique Take on a Uninspired Genre
After playing Tales of Symphonia, I Realized that an original RPG is never going to be made. A good, classic turn based RPG with an original story has not been created for a very long time. Now, just about every game is a take-off of the Final Fantasy series, and even that series has taken to ripping itself off for subsequent games. It’s never going to change unless the developers learn the rules of the role-playing game, and then break as many as possible. We all know the rules of the genre, but just for reference, here are some that are abused the most.

1.The Hero is always a young man, and eighteen is considered old here, who carries a special power that makes him The Chosen, The One, or The Chosen One.

2.If the Hero is not the Chosen, etc. then the female love interest is. The Hero is there to protect her, though he still must retain a special power.

3.The Hero has a female sidekick that is a love interest, has to be pure and innocent, bonus points if they grew up together.

4.There will always be a mysterious character that joins the party who continuously warns the Hero about using his power right. This is the Bad-Ass T of the party, and he must at one point been a villain. May still be in fact.

5.One character must be a wise sage, who actually guides the party, though the Hero is continuously called the “leader.”

6.All the females in the party must fall in love with the Hero.

7.Nobody but the wise old sage may be above 22.

8.Every town has better equipment than the last.

9.The villain must be an effeminate man and serves The Ultimate Evil, who was sealed away along time ago.

10.Even after saving a town from certain destruction, and rescuing the shop keep’s daughter, the party will still be charged for equipment and a room.

Remember that these are just some of the worst ones and yes, I am aware of the list of 200+ rules floating around the Internet. This is common stuff though, and these are just rules that annoy me the most.

Instead of just sitting around whining about it, I’ve decided to create my own party of non-stereotypical characters, and a quest for them to go on. Any big developers reading this feel free to steal this and make it into a game. I dare you.

In a world that has been at war for centuries, hope has all but been forgotten. The two armies have been at war for so long, they’ve forgotten the original reason why they fight. One of the greatest swordsman in the land has heard of a hidden cave that contains a Seer that could hold the key for victory to the Light, or at the very least the key to end the war. He sends his best student out to investigate, which begins an epic adventure.

The Hero – A female, age 25 who is a student of one of the greatest swordsman alive. She fights on the frontlines, and does not trust magic. As a member of a cloistered group of an elite unit within the royale army, she has not had much contact with the outside world, except what she has learned from the school.

The Mage- A man (23) from a school of magic, he was rendered speechless due to an attack on the school. This sets him abroad to find vengeance on the unknown assailant, and to find a cure to his broken voice.

Dark Knight – An older woman (36) who was in command of a large army that was decimated. Removed from her post she demands revenge on her former commander. The powerhouse of the party, she is barely even a begrudging ally as she views the party as former enemies. As a disillusioned lieutenant in the Dark army, she knows what the enemy’s plans are.

The Healer – An apothecary, he uses his knowledge of herbs and potions to keep the party alive. He fights in battle using explosive potions, using them like grenades.

Elven Monk –A hand to hand fighter, of undeterminable age. He joins after the enemy forces him to leave his forest home. He serves as the dry comedic wit, and generally is the optimist of the group.

The Sculptor-An artist, who was fames throughout the land as painter and sculptor. One day he begins make huge panoramas of visions he receives in his head, though he does not know what they are. Soon his life has been taken over
my making paintings of things he cannot understand. In battle he sculpts little figures that turn into monsters that fight for him. Perhaps he serves as the “summoner.”

The Archer – Lived in the forest, living a carefree life, until he was accused (he was.)of robbing from the rich baron who owned the land Captured, the cruelest punishment was bestowed on him, his family was killed before his eyes,
and then he was blinded so the last image in his mind was the murder of his children. No longer carefree, he lives only to kill the baron who wronged him. Relearning to shoot a bow and arrow has taken time, but it slowly returning.

This game would progress in the classic method, by which the hero starts off alone and meets people along the way. The party would build slowly, as would the story. There would be no Ultimate Evil, just a normal enemy driven to succeed at any cost. The playtime would be dependant on the player, and choices would affect the storyline and ending.

If nothing else this game would be more original than the current round of RPG’s. If a boring clichéd game like Sudeki could be released, certainly there is room for an original game in the genre. If you have any additions, or just plain think that this would make a horrible RPG, spost your ideas. We’ll make a contest out of it, and post the best ones up later.

M. Shawn Darnell

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