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Need For Speed Underground: Rivals
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2 (Multiplayer via
Developer:  EA
Publisher:  EA
Features:  Online Racing
Info:  info
Release Date:  December 31, 1969
First Look

Need For Speed Underground: Rivals

Just announced for the PSP, Need for Speed Underground: rivals looks so good, youíd be hard pressed to find too many better looking games on the PS2. So far only five official screenshots have been released, and information is sparse at the moment, but there is enough to know that the PSP has a fighting chance against Nintendo and their Dual Screen handheld.
As NFSU was the PS2ís best selling game, it only goes to figure that this would be one of the first series announced for the PSP. Everything that fans loved about the series will be brought to the handheld, albeit to a lesser degree. Due to the limited capacity of the storage device used in the PSP, which still has about the same amount of storage as a GameCube disc, some features will undoubtedly be cut back.
What Rivals does have over its console counterpart is the addition of head-to-head play via the PSPís Wi-Fi capabilities. It hasnít been announced how many players will be able to go against each other at one time, but it is definitely more than two. Sony is expecting this system will be huge, and with games like this coming out, you may never have trouble finding somebody to race against.
Japanese and American cars will be at your disposal to upgrade and customize for racing on any of Rivals 10 tracks. So far only Mazda vehicles have been shown, but expect the same range of support that the console Underground received.
Always the best feature of the series, your car will become unique with the myriad customizable options available to you. Nothing can be sweeter than totally destroying a total stranger with your neon-encrusted purple pimp mobile. With the online elements taking the forefront in this title, I have to wonder if trading or betting rides will be a part of the experience. We do know that new game modes are being created, and that EA hasnít disappointed with this series yet. Expect this title to move more than a few PSPís when the unit launches next year. As always, when more information becomes available, weíll let you know.