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Dynamite Deka 2
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Sega
Publisher:  Sega
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Well, here's another title that proves that the Dreamcast can and will become the first true home arcade machine. Dynamite Deka 2, the official sequel to what we in the states know as Die Hard Arcade is a fast-paced action packed brawler in the spirit of such classics as Double Dragon and Fighting Force. What makes Dynamite Deka unique is the cinematic quality of the gameplay. Intense over-the-top brawls segue into a full-motion sequence during which you must tap a button at the precise moment in order to successfully knock out your opponent. If you miss your opportunity then you must duke it out hand-to-hand. A non-linear story unfolds depending on the success or failure of these sequences. There are three different missions, each one taking you through different sections of a huge luxury liner and beyond.

The action and gameplay is pretty basic. You punch, kick and wrestle (yes, wrestle) your way past numbers of generic baddies. The story is your basic terrorist action film/ video game scenario (a la Time Crisis, etc.). "Modern-day pirates" have kidnapped the president's daughter and it's up to you and a band of commandos to rescue her. The cast of playable characters are Bruno, your standard Arnold look-alike, Jean, a brawny babe, and Tony, an average-looking version of Wesley Snipes. What's fun is that the more your characters take damage, their clothes begin to become tattered and fall off. By the end of a brutal match my character was shirtless and his jeans had been torn to shreds. And yes, this feature also holds true for the female character, for all you perverts out there. The moves are pretty basic, however you can string together a bunch of attacks which result in some pretty insane combos. Imagine performing a suplex into a back breaker into a scorpion deathlock ending in a critical blow to the groin. Ouch! Exactly. Also, there are lots of items that can be picked up and used against your opponent including weapons of varying firepower. My favorite is a jukebox that can be hurled at someone for a good laugh.

There really isn't too much to say other than that visually this game is very good. The opening sequences and the overall graphics of the game are excellent. Lots of attention was paid to creating realistic, highly-detailed environments. The character animations are also some of the best on the system yet. The best feature of course is the level of action. Basically, this game is non-stop from the get-go. The only annoying thing is that there is a slight delay in between stages where your character will just stand there waiting for the next section to load. Besides that, the game is smooth and seamless. Dynamite Deka 2 also features a two-player cooperative where you and a buddy can go gung-ho against the pirates as well as some strange, but interesting mini-games. Since the menu texts are in Japanese I had a hard time figuring out the objective of these games. Presumably you have to fatally punish as many bad guys you can either within a time limit or until you die. As a new action title for the Dreamcast, Dynamite Deka 2 satisfies if you're looking for a lot of mindless brain bashing and limb tearing. If only professional wrestling could enjoy such consequence-free carnage.

Hideaki Jimbo

No screenshots available for this title.

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