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Elemental Gimmick Gear
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  
Ratings:  Early Childhood
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
This game is one of the few games from DC, which requires you to understand Japanese. Of course, if you have played import RPG all the time, you can figure out what to do. This game contains such a big story with beautiful music. You are going to be the guy who was sleeping for five Thousands years with the robot which calls elemental gimmick gear. Nobody can figure out why you are sleeping for long without being old. However, the day you awake, the game starts. Probably, if you like Japanese animation such as Miyazaki's series (Nausica , Laputa or Mononoke princess.), you will love this game, from the story to the graphics.

Leon(SLEEPMAN), Lacle, Celen and the doctor Yam are the main characters. And, you Is the main character as Leon.

The game style is action/role playing. You play like Final Fantasy either Zelda styles. Beginning of the game, you are mission is going to the Village (Foguna) to get back your losing memory and solving the mystery. While you are playing the game, you are going to face with the enemies then the screen suddenly changes for 3D looking. The fighting scene is really cool looking. And, you can fight with these enemies by pushing A bottom as punching or B bottom as spinning which allows you machine to spinning around for destroying stones and these enemies. Remember, before you start spinning around, you should correct the storn items, which you can find in everywhere to keep your energy point. When your energy points go lower than ten, you can't use spining. As far as the game goes, you start collecting the items which allows you to use for attacking the enemies and rescuing the people.

Funniest thing about this game is when you go visiting some houses; you have to get out from your robot as the manner..? Don't worry it gets off automatically when you reach the place and push the a bottom. Surprisingly, you can talk with everybody in the town. Most of the people are talking about their lives, which don't affect for the game. Nevertheless, some people give important information about Foguna. So, keep asking as much as you can. Moreover, the town has a bar, you can go drinking alcohol. (Check it out, you are drunk then the screen changes ) Another interesting place to go is junk place where you can get items and reCovering your energy points. One more hint about this game is the mini game stage. This is a kind of secret fun of this game. When you get the special things during the game, the mini game stage will appear. So, keep playing!

In short, this game defiantly you to have memory card because it's a long game. But, again this gorgeous opening graphic can make only for DC. Playing is believing so let's get a DREAMCAST everybody.

Hideaki Jimbo

No screenshots available for this title.

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