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Omega Boost
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Polyphony Digital Inc.
Publisher:  Sony
Ratings:  Rating Pending
Memory Req.:  
Panzer Dragon meets Colony Wars, that is my first impression of this game. The game allows you to play 360 degree with excellent graphics and gorgeous sound. If you like Colony Wars, Panzer Dragon, Macross or Armored Core, you will defiantly love this game.

The story is about the future and the past. Intelligent organism Alpha Core was given life on network. Being full of an abhorrence of human beings, it had sent its other solely left in the hands of Omega Boost. To save Omega Boost departs on his journey to the past.

This game has three different game modes, which are campaign play, training , and zone play. The campaign play is main mode. It proceeds along with the story that illustrates the warfare. Between zones, you may see a movie sequence pertaining the story. Training mode is for practicing. And, zone play is to those who have cleared campaign play, this made will offer another joy.

Controlling of this game is very simple. It does work with analog controller with vibration function. L1 uses for scan (* Scan is the most important function of Omega Boost. It's imperative to defect the enemies and destroy them.) L2 uses for viper boost. (which allows you to move faster) R2 uses for back view. R1 uses for stop moving/flying. Left stick/ direction key uses for controlling Omega Boost. The game doesn't use right stick. Triangle and circle bottoms are for boost. Sequare and x bottoms are using for attacking vulcan and laser missile (*Attack/Even if Omega Boost detects the enemies, they will not be automatically destroyed. Omega Boost must attack to exterminate them.

Basically, the mode divides into couple different zones. Each zone has sub-boss and zone boss. And, when you destroy the zone boss, you are able to go to the next stage. You'll see same type of Robot enemy from the 2nd zone. These robots are usually sub bosses. These robots move fast as your Omega Boost. Watch out, you have to save your energy for the zone boss. Zone bosses are huge ship or gigantic creatures. Once, you start getting familiar with the boost, you will have more fun to play. Perhaps, first few times, everybody has to be familiar with the 360 degree free movement because it's hard to control yourself where you are. But, once you got it, the enjoyment of the game starts. This game was No.1 selling in Japan for almost two months.

Hideaki Jimbo

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