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Paper Boy
Platform:  Gameboy
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Digital Eclipse
Publisher:  Midway
Features:  Gameboy Color only
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
When you go to buy a game what do you look at the most? What really draws you into the game? The ads play a part as do the commercials, but the final deciding factor is usually the box. You take the box off of the rack and immediately flip it around to see what the game looks like. This is especially true for Gameboy games that do not get a lot of publicity. On Paperboy the box reads like this: "The arcade hit comes home with all of the features that made it a classic!" This is true to an extent. It does not quite have it all, but a box can't say that or they will never sell the game. In truth the game plays and feels very much like the original. It has in fact been copied house for house, obstacle for obstacle off of the arcade version. The only problem is that the Gameboy Color is much less capable of the graphics that the original Paperboy arcade machine could pump out. This means that although the game is laid out just like the arcade, it does not look exactly like the arcade. In fact it does not even come close.

These days you can play paperboy on just about anything. You can play it in the arcade, on the NES. On the SNES, and you can even get the original arcade version on the Playstation. If you want authentic Paperboy, I recommend the Playstation version and a Dual Shock controller. However it is hard to take a Playstation in the car on long road trips. That is where the Gameboy comes in. You should know that this will only play on the Gameboy Color, but there is a black and white version available if you can find it. The portable factor is really the only thing that makes this version worth buying since much better versions are on the market at cheap prices.

That being said, let's take a look at the Gameboy shall we? If you have ever played the game Paperboy you know how it looks and the opening screens on the Gameboy will look very familiar. You can choose three different difficulty levels, Easy Street, Middle Road, and Hard Way. Then it is off on the paper run. Hit the nice light colored house dead on in the mailbox and use the rest of your paper supply to raid the houses of the dark non-subscribers. You can also hit cats, breakdancers, and people fighting. Finish the block and you get to run a training course complete with ramps, targets and a crowd cheering at the end.

So if you want the arcade action of the original with all of the great graphics and play get the Playstation or the PC version. However if you want to take it with you on the bus or the train you are going to have to settle for the Gameboy Color's good-intentioned effort. I do have to say this though, at least they did not try to make it new and flashy by adding all kinds of other stuff that would just fail miserably. It stays true to form and that is admirable. So get to work and hit a kid in the head with the morning edition for me.

Chris Shade

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