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Shadowgate Classic
Platform:  Gameboy
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Infinite Ventures
Publisher:  Kemco
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Some games are "Classics" because at their time of release, they defined a genre'. Like Mario Brothers or FF1. They can still be played, and enjoyed even if you know all the secrets and tricks of the game. Some games are "Classics" because of the memory of playing the game that we were left with. I guess Shadowgate is more like the second variety. I never played Shadowgate originally, so I can't see what the hubub is all about. It's a Point and Click adventure. I know, I know. "Point and Click?" you all say. The Point and Click adventure game seems to have gone the way of the Wild West Sidescroller in terms of "That would be a great idea for a game!" And for good reason, too. Actually, I would prefer a good port of Sunset Riders over this clanker.

The premise is the same as any platform game. Bad guy-A kidnaps Girl-B, Hero-C must embark on magical quest-D to reunite with Girl-B. YAWN! The graphics are boring, the gameplay is dull, and it's almost like Dragon's Lair. You have one, maybe two correct choices per room or else you die. I found that it was almost painful to try and get through the first few puzzles. There is no real in game direction as to what you may or may not want to do next. You're kinda dropped into this world knowing that you're supposed to kill this bad guy, but aside from opening the unlocked doors, you're on your own. Now I suppose this is more realistic, but damn, it sure makes for some mighty boring gameplay.

If you played this game first time around, and you loved it pick this up. If you're looking for a good new adventure game, steer far clear from this one!

John Cooper

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