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Toy Story 2
Platform:  Gameboy
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Disney Interactive
Publisher:  Disney Interactive
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
In Toy Story 2 for Game Boy Color, you play as the overdressed and stiff-jointed Buzz Lightyear on a mission to save his bumbling hick friend, Woody, who falls out of windows, gets kidnapped, and generally throws everyone into various levels of peril. (I havenít seen the movie, but I understand the Game Boy adaption is relatively faithful). Each level gives Buzz a different directive ("rescue Hamm and find the Key!") on his quest to save Woody. The levels take place in different locales, from the bedroom of owner Andy (who is conveniently away at what is suspiciously referred to as "Cowboy Camp"), to the yard, the road, the toy barn, and several others.

Buzz is "joined" on the quest by the dinosaur, the pig, and the horse, but they donít really do anything except get in your way sometimes and nothing happens when you shoot them. Each of the short levels is fundamentally the same: this owes partly to the somewhat confusing nature of Game Boy graphics (there is nothing on the road level that looks at all like anything on a road) and partly to the relentless running-jumping-collecting coins mode of play. Buzz collects different items along the way such as a skateboard wheel and some scuba gear that help him to track down idiot Woody, which are usually surprising and funny and cool, but itís basically just jumping and climbing on things to jump and climb on to other things. A lot of ledges, a lot of falling.

And I mean, like, a LOT of falling. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Buzzís assemblers in the toy factory be fired, or beaten, because the little bastard jumps like a crippled snail. I was consistently just missing all the things I had to land on, and itíd take forever to get back to the place where I was supposed to jump from again, then Iíd miss again, and thereís the stupid dinosaur running back and forth, and the music is dinky as crap, and it was just really frustrating.

If you really like these characters and the movie, or "rescue Hamm and find the key" is just what you feel like doing this season, then Toy Story 2 is a simple and fun game. Otherwise, Iíd say let silly Hamm rescue his damn self; this game is not always what you could fairly call absorbing.

Emily Ponder

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