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Puzzle Bobble
Platform:  Wonderswan
# of Players:  1-2 (Linkable)
Developer:  Taito Corp.
Publisher:  Sunsoft
Features:  Length-wise gameplay (plays vertically)
Ratings:  Rating Pending
Memory Req.:  
Puzzle Bobble is one of those puzzle games I could play forever. There are 3 handheld versions out right now. GameBoy, NeoGeo Pocket, and Wonderswan. Unfortunately, the WS version is the weakest.

First thing I noticed was that the game is played lengthwise. That was pretty cool, I figured more room for Puzzle Bobble fun! When the gameplay started, I was disappointed. The bubbles you have to match up are huge and ugly, and the character sprites are fairly unclear. The graphics of the game, though poor, don't change the gameplay, pure Puzzle Bobble excitement!

The bonus to this edition is the Special Bubbles. They have put in bubbles that blow up an entire horizontal and vertical rows of bubbles, and the special effects are pretty funny. But having played other versions of this game that have kept me entertained for hours, this version didn't off too much to keep my interest.

If you don't have Puzzle Bobble and your only handheld system is a WS, buy it. If you have another handheld system, I'd reccomend going with that system's version.

-John Cooper

John Cooper

No screenshots available for this title.

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