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Tekken Card Game
Platform:  Wonderswan
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Namco
Publisher:  Namco
Ratings:  Rating Pending
Memory Req.:  
Initially I was intrigued by the idea of Tekken for Wonderswan, but with MK for Gameboy, I was skeptical. As It turns out that this version of Tekken doesn't try to duplicate the original's speed or gameplay, and for a handheld that is a VERY good thing. The game has Juggle Combos, Chain Combos, and all the signature moves you have come to expect from Tekken. With 18 secret characters you get by defeating them in Story Mode, the replay value is high.

Tekken WS is a "Card Game", the game play is more akin to Pokemon than to Tekken PSX. There are four modes of play, Story Mode, 1 Player, 2 Player and Link mode. Story Mode being the the most fun and the bulk of the game's focus.The Story Mode begins and you select one of three characters Jin, XiaoYu, or Hworang, and you find yourself on a map similar to Pokemon. You walk around collecting Move Cards to add to your "Deck" of attacks.There are also buildings to heal lost life and get Level Ups which give you stronger moves, and Level Exits. Along the way you run into Thugs and other characters form Tekken, this is where the fun begins.

The combat system is simple, 2 colums appear with 4 moves for you and 4 for your opponent. Each move has a number value and an icon. The higher the number the more powerful the move and the icons represent what kind of move it is, i.e.: chain moves, juggle moves, blocks etc. If you get a chain or juggle move you get to select another attack. If you keep selecting chains and juggles you can wipe out your opponent in one round. Fortunately, it's not that easy. A cursor rapidly scrolls through the moves so you can't just pick and choose the best moves, it's fairly random, and as usual the computer cheats.I got throuh 12 levels of 4 worlds each before I got to the credits, and the End Bosses are tough opponents.

The 1 Player Mode is just the fighting part of the game. you vs. the computer.In 2 Player mode you select the moves of both characters. Link mode is for 2 WS owners to battle it out.

Although the text in the game is Japanese, there isn't anything to hinder you from completing the game and enjoying it fully. I think Tekken - WS is one of the best fighting game translations on a hand held ever. This is a must for any Wonderswan Owner!

-John Cooper.

John Cooper

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