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BioMotor Unitron
Platform:  Neo Geo
# of Players:  1-2 (Linkable)
Developer:  Yumekobo
Publisher:  SNK
Features:  Link Cable
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Bio-Motor Unitron is the first RPG for the Neo Geo Pocket. It's pretty simple and straight forward, the story is really basic, but it's alot of fun. Definitely worth purchasing. The story begins when a meteor hit your planet a long time ago, upon impact a mysterious metal providing an endless power source is spread across the planet. Scientists invent mechs called Bio-Motors to fight a great war. The story picks up thousands of years later, after your planet has been at peace for generations. Bio-Motors are now only used for sport in an Arena in the capital of your country. One cool feature is you can pick one of four species for your character's race. There are Humans, Foresters (Elvish), Mariners (Mermen/maids), Birdmen, and Lizardmen. These change you attributes accordingly.

You are a young Bio-Motor Jockey, who has inherited an old Bio-Motor from your father. You have the bare-bones model, which you must upgrade to a fighting juggernaut before the Grand Finale'. You find yourself in the capital, with your mech engineer, ready to take on the world. There is only one town, and four dungeons on this world, so if you're looking for Airships and far-off desert islands, you won't find it here. The city has about 10 people total to talk to, giving you bits of neccesary info throughout the game.

How does one turn his Bio-Motor from a rust-bucket into an ill fighting mech? Glad you asked! It's actually pretty cool. First you need money, you get this by either winning a battle in the arena, or going to dungeons, killing monsters and finding treasure chests. In the arena you can pretty much whiz through the first round if you pick your weapons right. One thing I found was that it wasn't really neccessary to venture too far in the dungeons because you get a ridiculous amount of money in the first few levels of any of the dungeons.

When you've got a load of money you can go to the Shop, here you can buy all the things you'd expect in an Item Shop. HP up potions, Attribute Increasers, but the coolest part of the game is here in the Shop, too.

This is where you purchase new parts for your mech! You can customize almost any part of your mech, from the energy source, to legs, to backpacks, and best of all arms. Each mech can use two arms of his/her choice. There are a ton of arms to choose from. Drill arms, demon arms, gun arms, etc. As you go along you can buy or find metals of various types to use on the basic arms to upgrade to the next level of offensive power. They have some pretty cool ones. Your mech engineer gains levels of experience for every succesful arm upgrade. As he or she raises in level, they can upgrade your mech's body to tougher levels.The graphics are simple but as you change parts on your mech, the look changes on the combat screen.

So, you ask how's the combat system? Well, think Pokemon, but a little less interesting.In fact it's exactly the same interface as Pokemon. The fastest goes first, picks a move and the the next guy goes. Especially in the dungeons, it gets tiresome pretty quickly.

As I mentioned before, there wasn't much reason to venture in the dungeons until the end. A very cool feature of the dungeon is that it's randomly generated everytime you enter it. So it's "different" everytime. There's a big boss at the end of every dungeon that if you defeat him you earn an "Emblem".

The end level Arena boss is pretty cool, has crazy moves and who's secret ID is revealed at the end of the game. All in all, even though Bio-Motor Unitron's gameplay is a little unbalanced, and the combat graphics leave something to be desired. I think this is a great first try at an RPG for Neo-Geo Pocket and well worth the price.

--John Cooper

John Cooper

No screenshots available for this title.

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