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Capcom vs. SNK Card Fighting
Platform:  Neo Geo
# of Players:  1-2 (Linkable)
Developer:  Capcom, SNK
Publisher:  SNK
Features:  Link Cable, Linkable with Sega Dreamcast
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Well, it's time to finally settle the score, well kind of. The age old dispute of which was better Capcom or SNK can finally be answered...with a friendly game of cards! The basic premise of both these games is not unlike the Pokemon Card Battle game. In fact it's basically a carbon copy of the GB Color game. But that in and of itself is definitely NOT a bad thing.

You can choose at the games beginning if you want to be a boy or girl. You start off with deck of cards of your favorite fighting game characters. You get a Capcom deck for Capcom vs. SNK and an SNK for the other version. You travel around Osaka to one of five different buildings to battle other Card Fighters for a chance to meet the building's Boss.

This is where the Card Fighting comes in. The battle phase goes like this, first your decks are shuffled, and someone is picked to go first. Then you receive your hand of cards. The cards have everybody from Capcom and SNK games, as well as Action Cards. They have characters form Resident Evil, Night Stalkers, Samurai Showdown, KoF, Mega Man, Street Fighters 1 thru 3, you name it they're in there.

Each card has 2 stats on them BP and SP. BP are Battle Points, these are basically hit points and damage points. SP are Special Points, these are used up by employing the Action Cards, or doing "Tag Team" combos. Action Cards can do anything and everything, the can damage opponents, boost your HP's, get more cards from your deck. The Action Cards are themed with different characters from the games to provide continuity. My personal favorite is an Action Card with the guy from Nam 75' on it! Battle is resolved by matching BP's. If you with Zangieff with 700 BP's and your foe defends with a Ryu who defends at 500 BP's, Ryu is dust and Zangieff drops to having only 200 BP's left. There are different strategies to employ too. There are some characters that have special abilities, like immobilizing an opponent for a turn, or doing damage to them. You can opt not to defend with a card and take it on the chin, so you can set up a "Tag Team" attack. But, you only have a certain amount of Hit Points and if you drop to zero, you lose the match and a handful of cards! If you knock your opponent down to zero HP's, the spoils of war are yours! You receive 3 - 5 cards to add to your deck at the end of a battle. You can customize your decks and you can create more than one deck. After you defeat the two or three lower level Card Fighters and the boss you get the ubiquitous "coin", to show your supremacy over your opponents.

Now, I thought that after I beat all the bosses in Osaka I thought I would be able to breeze through the final "secret" level. Boy was I wrong, there are 300 cards in this game and you'll probably need alot of powerful ones to get through to the end. There's also a very cool link mode where you can link two NGPC's and do versus card battles with your friends. All in all I give Capcom vs. SNK and it's sister game an enthusiastic thumbs up! It's well worth the price of admission, it offers tons of replay value, and every fight is different. Oh BTW, the English version should be in stores before Xmas!

-John Cooper

John Cooper

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