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Cherry Master
Platform:  Neo Geo
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Dyna
Publisher:  SNK
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
In the beginning there was gambling then there was videogames. Now you can have both. The NeoGeo Pocket Casino series has arrived. Neo Cherry Master from Dyna is an old arcade gambling game I used to play in Brooklyn bodega's (a spanish name for deli). I used to shove 20-dollar bills in one after the other in hopes of the big hit. It never came needless to say. Although I did win $1200 one time. That pales in comparison to the ton of cashed checks turn into button pushes that resulted in me eating pasta all week. I was addicted. I got cured and now I am hooked all over again. This time I only had to pay for the cart.

Now for the game play basically this is a type of slot machine where you can rack up points for getting combinations. The game keeps very true to the arcade original. It features 2 modes original and simple. In the simple mode you do not get any bonus spins and you simply push the button for the spin and rack up points. While the original mode allows for bonus points for different combos such as getting 3 bells or 3 I bars. When you get these combos you get FREE spins! Yeah these spins are a little different too as non of the spots have any fruit. This can lead to great combos like all color which pays as much as 800 points. You can bet as much as 16 points on a single spin. You need to bet at least 8 to cover the entire 9 square slots. You start with 100 points but never fear cause when you get to zero you add another 100 points! Yeah again! Although this seems a bit cheesy at you can just play forever, the game does keep a bookkeeping of how much you entered. In this respect I felt I needed to accomplish a high win ratio. It was not easy. Also there is the advantage of a save feature like on most NGP games and you can shut it off and start again at will.

All in all this is not the most exciting game and it is not for everyone. I, being a gamer and gambler find this game soothing. It appeals to my nature to just be mesmerized by the little screen spinning cherries again and again. The graphics of course are fine, as they are easy to do. Everything is easily read. If this game interests you then go get it, if not then pass simple as that. Me I am a betting guy and I think this is a sure win.

-Jesse Labrocca

Jesse Labrocca

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