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Gundam Sidestory 0079
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Bandai
Publisher:  Sega
Features:  VMU
Ratings:  Early Childhood
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Here comes a new Gundam game, this time for the Dreamcast. Last year was Gundam's 20th anniversary so; a second Gundam fever is here! Segas 128-bit system finally brings us the most realistic Gundam game ever made. But, I have to say first; you don't pilot a Gundam RX-78, but the RGM-79 or RGC-80, since this story takes place in Australia, not outer space. However, there's a lot more missions, so you'll have more choices, as far as the variety of mechs. This game isn't only for Gundam maniacs, but also people who like playing games like Armored Core, Squares Front Mission series and Frame Gride.

Okay, let's talk about this game. This game has nine missions (stages). This game only contains a first person view (maintaining the realistic looking environments, which is good, but for you third person game lovers, sorry man!) When you start playing the game, you'll see a beautiful demo, then the B.I.C system (Battle Integration Control system) The B.I.C system is kind of an operating system that shows four different sections: Briefing, Garage, Mailbox and System. You receive your mission orders from Briefing; Garage is a place you to choose your mobile suit and equipment. A guy with the unwieldy moniker of Technician Bob helps with your robots maintenance. As you complete more missions you'll have more choices of robots and weapons. Mailbox is a virtual Internet place where you receive mail from the various crews. Finally, you can set the games difficulty, sound, and BGM in the System section.

Your name is Master Piece Rayer (it's too bad you can't use your own name) and your code name is Fang1. Your group name as White Dingo and you're the leader. You have three companions: Leung (Fang2), Maximilian (Flag3), and Anita (Oasis) who accompany you on the assorted missions. Remember, you are the chief of the group, therefore you always need to set tactics for your companions (you can give them orders, such as move/attack/ guard/search) anytime during the game. When you push the Start button, you can go to the B.I.C system screen, to take care of business. You even can set your squads battle style. For instance, you can set Fang2 for long distance attack, Fang3 for middle distance and Oasis for a special search. This is something unusual for Sega. They may have borrowed more than a little of the playing style from Squaresoft (Yes, we Sega fans have always wanted to have Front Mission on any Sega system). Hopefully, well see more sophisticated DC games like this in future. Keep going, SEGA!

The 1st mission is simple yet difficult. Basically, you need to destroy a number of enemy robots, called Zaku (hahaha, Zaku is back!) and pillboxes. If you survive more five minutes, you'll have more squads from another group to help your company. In the 2nd mission, you'll encounter your rival Visch who rides in a blue Gufu (He is a kind of Char in this game instead of riding in a red mobile suit) What are really impressive about this game is not only the fantastic graphics but also the story line. You dont need to fight all the time, and the enemies will sometimes ask you to make a temporary peace statement (Of course, in a game like this one, theres always some sort of conspiracy). In the 3rd mission, you finally get to use a beam rifle instead of a machine gun, but, this particular weapon uses a lot of energy, so dont overdo it! Sweetly, you can hear news about the White Base (If you're a big Gundam fan from way back, this news must be sweet, isn't it?) The White Base team (the Legendary New Type Amuro is there) is fighting in a few different places. But, you can imagine that you're sharing the same time period and the same war, and maybe later in the game, you'll encounter these legendary soldiers?

Hence, I like this game very much but its short! The graphics and the storyline are outstanding. However, the map can be a little bit hard to figure out where you or your companies are,as well as the destroy points and enemies. Also, the analog stick control is a little bit funky. Nevertheless, if you are New Type, you'll have no problem with the controls. And, hey! Dont throw out the small paper from the instruction book. As it contains a small postcard. When you finish this game, you will see a password- If you then write it down on the postcard, you can get a FREE GUNDAM RX-78 training game!! (Due on September 30 1999) So hurry guys!

Hideaki Jimbo

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