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Platform:  Nintendo 64
# of Players:  1-4
Developer:  Nintendo
Publisher:  Nintendo
Features:  Rumble Pak compatible
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
The latest in Nintendo's line of updated 16-bit classics has finally been released domestically. And although most hardcore fans have been playing the import version for the better part of three months, I provide the below review of the U.S. version of this excellent title for your amusement.

Graphically F-Zero X is simple game. Notice I said simple, not bad. The vehicles seem to be constructed of few polygons, probably because there are so many of them on screen at once (more about that later). These simple vehicles move at blinding speeds down wide twisting turning tracks that are constructed with a variety of textures and colors. I1ve played all the tracks and have yet to get bored of them. The sky and ground around the tracks are also nicely done, if a bit foggy. But the fog is, for the most part, well used.

Okay, now take everything I just said about this games graphics and chuck it out the window. Why? because F-Zero X is about one thing- driving really fast. There are no weapons or turbo boosts (except for the 3booster2 plats scattered around the tracks). All you get is thirty ships ripping down colorful dizzying tracks at 900km per hour. And believe me that is enough. I mean there is a liitle more to the gameplay like, say, tapping the Z or R buttons to ram an opponent into a wall or off the track all together. There is also a great four player option featuring no slowdown as well as practice and time trial modes. But in all the modes its still about driving fast, real fast.

On the whole I found F-Zero X to be a ridiculous amount of fun. Despite the super simple gameplay (or because of it) I found myself coming back again and again. It's one of those games that makes you look at your alarm clock at 2 in the morning and think, Okay, I'll try this track on more time then I'm going to bed. And this time I mean it. .. .2. If you liked the SNES version you will probably love this incarnation.

Jesse Labrocca

No screenshots available for this title.

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