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Highway Battle
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2
Ratings:  Kids to Adults
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Another maniac car game is coming. There is 150 rival cars, and more than hundreds car parts are in the game. Even, you can create your own car plate number. If you have played PSX "Grand Turismo', this is the game for DC.

Everybody has to have a racing controller to play this game because the controlling is too smooth for using original controller. You might have a problem to keep your car balance. And, of course use your Puru Puru pack with this. When your car hits wall or other cars it gives you vibration.

"SEGA RALLY" was an old school arcade game. But, "HIGHWAY BATTLE" is 90's racing game. Comparing to other DC racing games, probably this is the most sophisticated game. The game contains four different modes that are Quick Race, VS Battle, Quest Mode, and Practice. Quick race is a simple racing mode that you can use your tuning car for the races (Time Battle & SP battle) SP(Sprit point) battle is a battle racing mode which relates to your sprit as your motivation. While you are racing, the other cars behind you are losing their SP. The game point is losing the others cars SP then you will win the game. Furthermore, after you beat the cars, you are able to get the rival's SP or CP(credit point it's related to the distance that you race with the car). Quest mode is a game that you beat the other team cars on the highway to get their SP. There is four big racing teams on the highway. When you beat all of them, you will see the ending. Of course, there is a hidden mode too so keep driving as fast as you can. Moreover, you can save thirteen cars from Quest mode.

Surprisingly, all highway in the game looks exactly the same as the real highway in Tokyo. DC can make the graphic almost same as arcade or better. Especially, lighting and the reflection are gorgeous. However, you might hate the opening song which is a typical Japanese pop rock (it resembles me Japanese band Luna Sea). However, sound track for actual playing is typical racing techno music which doesn't you to bother playing/driving the game. Another bad thing is about loading time. Probably, most of the supporting companies for DC are struggling to make games that's why the loading time is quite long. (Of course is much shorter than any other system anyway) But, remember these games are just first generation DC games. And, all the supporting companies are try to be next Enix or Square soft.

In short, the game has beautiful graphic and smooth controlling. Actually, it's kind a too smooth. Nevertheless, you can adjust by the car settings. I wish I could join net work battle with this game in the United States.(This game actually contains the net work system but it's in Japan) For hard core car gamer, this game can be little bit easy. However, you can start tuning your car as much as you want and find your rival from your friends to race.

Game rate B+/A-

Hideaki Jimbo

No screenshots available for this title.

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