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Pokemon Stadium (Import)
Platform:  Nintendo 64
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Nintendo
Publisher:  Nintendo
Ratings:  Rating Pending
Memory Req.:  
Welcome to the Pokemon world! If you stuck with PSX, sorry man you never gonna be able to play any Pokemon game like this. Playstation just announced PSX2 releasing details last month. And, Sega released Dreamcast in September. So, how about Nintendo? Are you gonna wait new Nintendo system Dolphin or keep playing Zelda? No, no no, Nintendo owns "Pokemon" that drives all kids crazy. They are looking for the trading cards everywhere. Now, we got the solution. Get this "Pocket Monsters' Stadium. Now, it's only out in Japan, but soon it's gonna be released in US. Probably, when "Pokemon" movie strikes here, you'll see this game too.

This game is a fighting game. Cool thing about this game is you actually can use your Gameboy Pokemon games to connect to your N64 controller. (Japanese version works with red, green, and blue GB cartridges) Remember that you are Pocket monster trainer.

Let's move to the game play. You pick up Six pocket monsters in order to join the Pokemon battle. Then, you chose three monsters for them. Every monster has strength and weakness. Therefore, you as a trainer need to take a look the enemy's member list and figure out which monster works well with the enemies. If you beat the three monsters, you can move to the next battle. Also, you can get a winning badge on your hat. Pokemon battle divides in two different modes. One is free a battle, which allows you to pick up any pocket monsters from 40 monsters from the game. Also, another mode is tournament mode, which requires you to fight eight games in order to win the tournament. Moreover, the tournament mode has two different levels one is for level 1 to 30, and the another one is level 50 to 55. In the level 50 to 55, you actually fight with the first pokemon tournament winners (It was held in 1997 in Japan. Did you know that?) They are strong. You'd better practice in the free battle mode.

Here are hints for you to raise super pocket monsters. No.1 trying to raise the monster which is low level one. No.2 exchanging pocket monsters are easy to raise but these are slow to power up. In addition, some pocket monsters are only able to get by the exchange. (for instance, Rugura is the one.) No.3 check the pocket monsters' ability as soon as you get. No.4 check the matching. For instance, Pikachu as electric is good at Giyarados as water. Also, Giyarados is strong at Dagtorio as sand/ground. No.5 always consider your team balance as well.

Hence, this is a fun game for "Pokemon" fans. Controlling is smooth and the graphic is solid. But, if you are looking for a fighting game like "Tekken" or "Soul Caliber", this is not the game you want. If you like "Ape escape" graphic, you should go with this one. I'll say this game is not R-rated but P-rated as Pokemon fans. Oops, there is a "Pokemon Stadium 2" too.

Hideaki Jimbo

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