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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Features:  Vibration Compatible
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Another Street Fighter game. Who needs it? Capcom sure can milk a license for all that is it worth and then release a bunch of games after that. I could go on and on about all of the disappointing Street Fighter games released on the Playstation, a system that was not even made to display 2-D graphics but I won't. Why? Because Street Fighter Alpha 3 is not really all that bad. It runs fast and it has the biggest selection of Street Fighter characters ever. The main problem, which plagues all of the 2-D fighters on the Playstation, is the lack of animation in the fights.

Like I said before, the game has a ton of characters. If it fights on a street it is in this game. Names like Balrog and Blanka that have not been seen since the early days of the game are here in full force. The game features 28 characters right out of the box with secret characters to be earned. I was blown away by the enormous amount of playable fighters.

The game, which was released in the arcades, is here in its entirety except for a bunch of the glorious animations that the game is so famous for having. To make up for that there are some added features to make the game more interesting to play at home. The first is the "World Mode" which puts all of the combatants in their respective countries. Your job is to then conquer each section of the world by defeating the players within. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Many of the combatants have to be defeated in specific ways much like the edge master mode on Soul Blade. Some have to be defeated with combos, some with special moves, but all must be defeated. Sometimes you have to fight two of the same character at the same time.

SFA3 also features three modes of fighting for every character. The X-ism, A-ism, and V-ism modes all have their strengths and weaknesses. They are designed to correspond to the different kinds of Street Fighter games. The X-ism has more powerful attacks with only one super move to learn, while the A-ism has three different super moves, but weaker attacks. The V-ism is similar to the A-ism but features custom combos. The different kinds of fighting styles are designed for different kinds of fighters. Some people like me are not so good at the one big attack, but rather prefer to chip away at an opponent with multiple attacks, whereas others pride themselves on learning and performing the big hit.

If you do not have a Street Fighter game and you want one, rush out and get this one. It is definitely worth the purchase. If you have a bunch but are bored with them because they do not have enough characters get ready to trade up. If you are tired of Capcom releasing the same game over and over again get a Dreamcast and get yourself Power Stone, or stick with the Playstation and get yourself some Ehrgeiz. I, for one, am pleased with the new installment. It would make a good end to a great series. P.S. Capcom, please end it.

Chris Shade

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