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Superbike 2000
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  EA Sports
Publisher:  EA Sports
Features:  Dual Shock Compatible
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Superbike 2000 sounds cool when you read the back of the case. "Updated bikes, riders, teams, and tracks!" True, there are different bikes, but the only difference is the color, and there are different riders, but the only difference is the ad on the back of their shirts. The tracks vary slightly more. The bland background of pasty shades of brown dirt, green trees, and grey pavement doesn't change, but the placement of the turns do. You can also change the weather, but the neither the color of the sky nor the white slash marks that serve as raindrops change anything other than appearance. As you might imagine, as the rider and the type of motorcycle make no difference, neither do the adjustments you can make to the bikes (forks, suspension, tires, and gearing). The four kinds of races you can participate in are nothing original: practice by yourself, race a single race against seven opponents, participate in a race weekend (practice, a qualifying round that determines your pole position, and two full races) or a championship circuit of all the tracks. You can also change the number of laps per race, but I wouldn't advise setting it for more than two, as it gets tedious very quickly.

The lack of variety might be excusable if the game was any fun, but that would be too much to ask. It seems far too easy on the surface. You feel like you're moving much slower that you would expect to on a motorcycle, and the only way you can tell if your speed is changing is to look at the speedometer in the corner. The lack of realism is apparent when you try to turn and find the best way is to jerk far over and straighten up and repeat the whole process a few times instead of leaning into a turn smoothly, as you might expect. Which brings us to my main objection to the game. You cannot fall off of your motorcycle, even if you hit another rider or a wall, or you make a hairpin turn at 2 MPH. When you approach a turn, a little flag appears and changes color to tell you if you're going too fast or not fast enough to make it around a curve. This feature takes all the guesswork and experimentation out of the game, and makes it even more pointless. Once you start racing in a mode that includes other riders, you'll realize that its not as easy as you thought, because of the way that the other riders are impossible to catch up to if you make the slightest mistake and drive off the paved track. Cut a corner and you'll never see any of them until the replay of you coming in dead last, and that's on easy mode. If you want a motorcyclish game and aren't too picky about whether you drive motorcycles or something similar, pick up Sled Storm instead. I would even recommend any of the Jet Moto series over Superbike 2000, even if they are impossible and frustrating.

Jesse Labrocca

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