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Supercross 2000
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  EA Sports
Publisher:  EA Sports
Features:  Dual Shock Compatible
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
EA Sports is known for having a serious simulation feel in all of their games. They pack everything with plenty of options and realistic physics. However with the new installment into their sports line, Supercross 2000, they fall short. Although the game does have a somewhat realistic feel as far as track layout, and realistic bikers, the control of the game are very choppy and the graphics are nothing to write home about.

When I first started to play the game it seemed way too easy. I soon found out that this would dramatically change. In beginner mode the game helps the bikes corner and does not allow them to go off of the track. These helpful aspects are turned off in the harder modes making the game more about stopping and cornering then about jumping and picking up pace. In fact after you finish beginner I doubt you will ever be able to get a rapid pace going at all. Also many of the jumps are right near the corners so if you hit them to hard your bike will fly way out of bounds.

There are only two modes in the game, racing and freestyle. Racing is pretty self-explanatory. You can either choose to race one race or go for an entire season. In freestyle you are put on a special arena designed for doing tricks and you just hit ramps and do tricks. This is put there because it is nearly impossible to do any tricks in the actual race without biting it and sliding through the dirt on your face.

The thing that disappointed me most about the game was the lack of options. AS an EA Sports game one would expect that everything would be "In the Game" but as it turned out very few things are in the game. Sure there are real tracks, real bikers, and even real commentary, but the bike themselves are barely customizable. There are only three aspects about the bike that can be changed and those are only changed with meters. I wonder if really bikers can dramatically change the make up of their bikes by moving a little meter. I doubt it. Also, from what I saw all of the tracks were indoors which also really limits play even if it is supposed to be just Supercross.

Summed up, the problem with the game is that it is just not fun. There is not enough customization and options to make the simulation interesting and there it not really good control or level design to make the racing exciting. Supercross 2000 might please die-hard fans of Supercross who love the sport enough to deal with the slow down and are excited to race real tracks and real players. However, I think the fans and everyone else would much rather play Ricky Carmichael Championship Motocross, a game that leaves EA in the dust of its spinning wheels.

Chris Shade

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