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Supercross Circuit
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Idol Minds
Publisher:  989 Sports
Features:  Dual Shock Compatible
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
989 has really laid an egg with this one. Since it seems that the new trend is off-road bike racing games 989 has to jump on the bandwagon if they want t be considered a serious sports game company, right? Well, this is one bandwagon they should have passed on. Whereas there re some nice points about it, overall it ranks as a game that should be buried.

There are some really good options before the race starts: 25 tracks, real pro riders, and a great system of customization. The season mode works on a money system. You start out with a certain amount of dough from which you buy a bike. From there everything that you want to change must be done with a purchase of another part. To get money you have to win races or come in 3rd or 4th an awful lot. You can also change the color and style of the helmet and outfit. Then you enter th world of racing at the local level and move up in the ranks to the big time. Another option that I found interesting it the create a track mode. This allows you to pick from a list of hills dips and jumps and make the toughest or the craziest course that you can.

However, I have said it before and I will say it again, all of the options in the world donít mean jack if the game is no fun to play. Well, right out of the staring gate I knew that this game was trouble. The collision detection was horrid, the controls were simplistic, and the track had no feeling of dirt whatsoever. Instead of skidding out of bounds I was bouncing off walls that were not even there. I might as well have been racing on concrete. Also, If I hit another rider the game made this clicking sound and I was free. It did not even seem that I was really controlling the biker, just the screen around him.

Yes the game has real tracks, and real riders, and even 15 real tricks, but real racing is something that it sorely lacks. I wish I could have played this with a real Supercross racer just to see him shudder.

Chris Shade

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