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King of Fighters: Dream Bout 1999
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  SNK
Publisher:  SNK
Features:  VMS
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
SNK's first attempt to make a game for the Sega Dreamcast comes off pretty well if you are a fan of the series. If not then it is nothing new for you to get excited about. It comes off just like all of its predecessors, but with better graphics and a whole slew of characters.

For those of you not familiar with the SNK's line of fighting games they are 2-D basic fighting games similar to the Street Fighter series but with much more detailed hand-drawn animations and much more of a Japanimation sort of feel to them. The new installment for Dreamcast does no deviate from that format. I guess SNK believes that they really do not need to change much in their games since they are very successful and have quite a following.

At the start of the game there are almost 40 characters from which to choose called the SNK All-stars. Some are familiar from SNK games throughout the years and some are new, but they are all richly detailed and there is a good variety. Basically anyone can find a character that they will enjoy using whether it be a basketball player named Lucky (personal fave) or Mai, the well-endowed, fan-wielding warrior. Each character has about 8 special moves that you will have to learn. They are all very typical fighting moves, but are very fast and very nicely an

The game has two different kinds of play 3 on 3 or 1 on 1. In the team battle mode a player picks 3 different characters and travels around the world challenging other teams. Each time a fighter falls another steps up and continues the fight so it is possible to defeat everybody with just one fighter if you are really good. If you play the 1 on 1 game then your fighter will challenge one fighter from every set of 3. This way you can move through the game much faster and is especially good if you want to learn a particular fighter's moves without having to sit through playing with the other fighters.

Another option of this game is its compatibility to the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. You can upload from and download to the NGPC. It is a handy little option, but only really useful if you are such a hard-core SNK fan that you have all of this stuff.

Yes SNK could have added more options to the game and yes it could be a whole lot flashier, but that is the appeal of the SNK family. It makes nice-looking stylized games that have a solid consistency and playability. For my taste though, I'd prefer something that deviated from the SNK norm.

Chris Shade

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