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Wild 9
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1
Publisher:  Shiny
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Wild 9 is the latest 3 and one-half D2 platformer game from the masters of the genre, Shiny. You may have heard of one of their other platform games; a little number called Earthworm Jim. In Wild 9 you, the lucky player, take control of Wex Major, leader of the Wild 9. The Wild 9 are a group of kids dedicated to overthrowing the evil Kern and returning the Andromeda galaxy to its natural state of freedom. That's the story, but what really matters is the play, so lets get to it.

Wild 9 is an exceptionally simple game, which is just one of the reasons it's so good. As Wex you use your primary weapon, "The Rig", to grab baddies, holding them in a bolt of energy, and literally beat them into submission by pounding them repeatedly into the ground. I can not express in words how much fun it is to do this. What about the torture, you ask? Well, the very well designed levels of Wild 9 come complete with lots of open flames, meat grinders, steel fans and exposed wires. If you thought pounding your enemies was fun, just wait until use one to put out a fire standing between you and the next checkpoint. It is beyond fun.

Wild 9 also shines (was that a pun?) in terms of graphics. The graphics are top notch across the board; colorful and detailed all the way back to the horizon point. Best of all each level has its own unique look. Nothing is reused or recycled. The sound effects are also well done, especially the tortured wailing of your enemies as you hold them inches away from a solid steel meat grinder. Add to that a more-than-passible musical score and you have a very pleasant auditory gaming experience.

As you probably guessed, I kind of like this game. I don't know who pissed off Shiny but I'm grateful to who ever is responsible. Wild 9 is one of the best designed platform games I have ever played and is definitely the most fun. Anyone that has any interest in this genre of game, and even people that usually don't (like me), should give Wild 9 a shot. Leave it to Shiny to show gamers just how much fun torture can be (that was a joke, people). Highly recommended.

Chris Shade

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