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Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-4 (w/ multi-tap)
Publisher:  Activision
Features:  Dual Shock Compatible
Ratings:  Mature
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Ya' know, this year has paved the way for some great fighting titles. We've gotten Soul Calibur, Power Stone, Virtua Fighter 3, Bloody roar 2, Super Smash Brothers, need I go on? It seemed like such a good year for the genre... until now.

Some games rely really, really heavily on a good license and usually we get a decidedly average game. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace for example. Wu Tang happens to be one of these very big licenses and though some knew not to expect that much, no one expected it to be this bad.

The word for the day is stupid. Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style has to be one of the single worst games that has come out on the Playstation in recent years. It has stupid graphics, stupid sound, stupid story, stupid control, stupid enemies and the game just happens to be stupid. You start off in an incredibly over-dramatized Staten Island fighting these stupid ninjas that stole your stupid teacher (who knows the secrets to the stupid secret art of Wu-Tang) and brought him back to stupid ol' China where he's killed by some stupid old guy. Sorry, if I'm giving away the stupid story, but after playing this game for more than five minutes, you'll find yourself caring more about coffee house poetry. Oh yeah, stupid.

There's nothing good I can really find to say about this game. It's gory. Big deal. You can play as Method Man. Big deal. It uses a recycled Thrill kill engine. Big Deal. There's three Wu-Tang Clan songs that can only be heard in the game. Whoop-dee-f#@#ing-doo. There's a four player versus mode. That might be a good thing if the game didn't SUCK MY ASS.

The graphics are bland and uninspired. The music is good at first, but it repeats itself too much. I just listened to my Bad Brains album instead. I don't even know what the sound effects are like because I was too busy paying attention to how much the game SUCKS MY ASS. Thankfully, the forgiving control helps the game shine through. What the f*&# ever. The control is slow, unresponsive, and first-and-foremost, stupid. If you have any sense in your head, you'll stay away, far away from this stupid, stupid game. I'd like to talk more about how much I hate the game, but I've decided, in light of this new calamity, to retire early.

Robert Cirkeljirque

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