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Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1
Publisher:  Squaresoft
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
Do you remember the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger? If you do you have reason to rejoice because Square has after many years provided a sequel in the form of Xenogears. In this sequel you lead Fei on an epic quest to unlock the mystery of ancient Gear (read 3Mech2) technology and confront God once and for all. I never got a chance to play Chrono Trigger but that didn1t keep me enjoying Xenogears, which has to be the best RPG released this year.

The first thing you notice about Xenogears are the graphics. The static backdrops that gamers were treated (?) treated to in FFVII and Parasite Eve are no where to be found. Instead Xenogears has good old polygon objects for you to manipulate. i think this is a good thing because it gives the game a consistent almost painterly look ( think Van Gogh minus the distortion) . The graphics are not perfect, things tend to get a bit pixilated, but they are pleasing and suit the story well.

Another interesting aspect of Xenogears is the combat system. It uses traditional turn based system (complete with time gauge) with a twist. If you choose Attack from the battle menu you get to attack until you use all of you action points. There are three kinds of attacks each of which has its own button. Pushing the buttons in different patterns will allow you to unleash combos like in fighting games. This innovate, active combat system makes your 100th battle as interesting as you first.

Overall Xenogears is a must have for RPG gamers. The unique look, interesting combat system and gripping story combine to provide one of the best gaming experiences of the year. Highly Recommended.

Jesse Labrocca

No screenshots available for this title.

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