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Strider 2
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  2 blocks
This game was SO intense. As if you didn't think so. The Strider we all knew & love originated in the arcades where we kids (and some adults) pumped many a quarter into then like wildfire it spread to the home systems such as the NES, Genesis, (which included a god awful sequel: Strider Returns) the Master System, and the P.C. Engine. But seriously, I have to tip my hat to Capcom for the incredible amalgamation of 3D & 2D graphics, and yet kept the flow of continuity in honor of the original Strider game. Everything from backward somersaults, to grappling walls, to slides and he has been granted with a new attribute called the Midare Giri Slash; where he jumps and performs a spinning slash attack that acts not only as an offensive maneuver, but as a defensive maneuver as well. Before each level, a 3 dimensional map of the proceeding level is offered, very reminiscent of Metal Gear V.R. Missions, giving you a quick overlay of the area you're about to terrorize. On top of that, the bosses are kick ass to boot. There's this one scene where you're piloting yourself through these anti-gravity rooms and at the end, you confront an orb and you're fighting in zero gravity. (look ma, no floor!)

And what kind of programmers would release a highly anticipated game (11 years to be exact) and not release the original? Yep, you guessed it, The Original Strider is included in the package as well. Everything from the cyber gorilla to the little offensive options. Remember extra lives?!? They're in it too. All of the 1989 sound effects, animations, all that nostalgic crap is in there. If you want a comparison between the PSX and Genesis versions, all I can see is the PSX rendition has a smidge of slowdown. But how many of you still own a Genesis anyway, let alone the cart itself?

So for those of you who are striving to retain your youth, you should buy this game and slaughter the sequel and ooh & ahh at the graphics and backgrounds, For those who barely or haven't played the original, play the predecessor first (I mean it) then be dazzled at what the sequel has to offer. Personally, my only tiff would be that Strider 2 could've used a couple of more levels but the extra options make it worth while playing.

Greg Wilcox

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