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Redline Racer
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Criterion Studios
Publisher:  Imagineer
Features:  Puru Puru Pak
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
You want fast? You got fast! This new racing game on the Dreamcast is one quick mama. So quick in fact that you will really have to have top rate reflexes and reaction time to succeed. After that initial reaction of awe to the speed of the game, however, you will find that it is a pretty mediocre racer. There is nothing new or innovative about it, other than it is the only motorcycle racing game for its platform.

The options of the game are pretty similar to every other racing game. There is a single race mode and a tournament mode. The more tournaments that you win, the more bikes and tracks open up. You choose a team to race with, but it really does not seem to matter which one you choose. The only difference is their colors and attitude. The game starts out with a very limited number of tournaments (1) and bikes (2) open. This will be very aggravating to those who are not expert racing game players since they will have to play the same three tracks until they master them.

Redline Racer is very nice looking in comparison to similar games on the Playstation or N64. The backdrops are beautiful (the beach level is particularly breathtaking) and the levels consist of many different types of weather and terrain. However, the designers could have spent a bit more time on the diversity of the textures and level design. One reason is that even with the diverse terrain, the game plays pretty much the same on every single level except the one Covered in snow where is a bit slippery. At no point is it easier or harder to control the bike than at any other point. This makes the game consistent to the point of unoriginality. But on the bright side it plays consistently well on all of the levels. The racing engine is fast and control is solid.

The feel of the bike has a very nice arcade type of quality. There are a lot of jumps and you can do some really crazy stuff and still land safe on two wheels. Although this is not the most realistic way of racing, it sure makes for some fun crashes. I hit the side so hard once, that my man seemed to fly over the hill and into the ocean on the other side. The one complaint about this is that the character of the racer is a bit stiff and blocky. He does not change his position when he gets into a crash, landing in a sitting position.

The biggest fault of the game lies in its mediocrity. Nothing about the game really jumps out as being new and amazing. It is really fast, but then again, it should be. It is a freakin' Dreamcast game for crying out loud. Being that the Dreamcast is a really advanced system, one would expect to see really advanced games, and as a friend said, "This is really not that big a step up from Road Rash." Basically, the game is not bad at all, but I just expected more.

Chris Shade

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