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Hidden & Dangerous
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Illusion Softworks
Publisher:  Talonsoft
Features:  VMU Compatible, Jump Pak, Keyboard, Standard Contr
Ratings:  Mature
Memory Req.:  
Have you ever wanted to be the first kid on your block to visit other countries, meet other people and blow them up? Now you can due to Sega’s latest offering to the Dreamcast of another PC port entitled Hidden & Dangerous. Sega has ported numerous other titles to their Dreamcast due to its Windows CE capability. Silver and Rainbow Six were both PC titles before they found their way to the Dreamcast and expect more PC titles such as Half-Life and Quake III Arena to find there way to your friendly neighborhood game-store in the near future. Sometimes this PC similarity will provide us with good titles and sometimes it will provide us with very bad titles just because Sega can decide that it would be easier and more cost efficient to port a PC title instead of make an entirely new game. Fortunately Hidden & Dangerous does not fall under the latter category.

Hidden & Dangerous takes place during WWII when Hitler's plan was to create the supreme human race. It's your job to take control of up to four highly trained special operations soldiers and make it as hard as possible for Hitler's plans to come to fruition. At the start of the game you must chose an eight member team, four to each mission, and what supplies each soldier must carry (or you can have the computer chose with the auto set-up option if your in a hurry). Then you're given the mission objectives (they grown in number as the game progresses) and finally you reach the battlefield, you better start moving because the enemy will find your position if you hang out in one area to long.

The controls in the game are a little complex but I didn't have a hard time of acclimating to them because the instruction manual has a page with a good layout of what button combos do what. You can also take control of each individual character, each with two third person views and one one-person view. This is beneficial when you need to look though your binoculars or snipe out the enemy who is patrolling in the distance but watch your back because when your sneaking up on the enemy they in turn may be sneaking in on you. All in all this game is fairly easy to pick up and learn. For those of you weaned on PC games that hate the stock controller, if you own a Dreamcast Keyboard, the game even takes advantage of this by offering you the option to use it for controlling your troops.

There are vast assortments of weapons that you can use and sometimes you can steal enemy vehicles such as trucks and tanks to help impede the Nazi juggernaut's chances of success. Also, you are able to don civilian or Nazi uniforms, just like in Medal of Honor, in order to help you on your way to victory. All these are welcome options, which added to the realism, and to my enjoyment of this title which make an excellent addition to the Dreamcast library. I highly recommend this title if you want a very good strategy game and are tired of just sitting back and watching the History Channel.

Jesse Labrocca

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