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Roommania #203
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Sega
Publisher:  Sega
Features:  VMS
Ratings:  Rating Pending
Memory Req.:  
What is "Roommania"? This is an another weird/unique Japanese Dreamcast game. As the title says, it's all about "Room" + "Mania" so you are maniac in a way. Everybody wants make next "C-man" for this 128-bit system. And, this "Roommania" is very original for sure. This game's genre explains as "Life interrupting". What does it mean yo? You are invisible clicking mischief god. Honestly, I had a hard time to figure out this game play so I hated it in the beginning. But, I was totally wrong. It contains little bit of "Tokimekimomorial", "Moon light syndrome", and "C-man". If you like those games, this game play and the story detail must amaze you. I can give it excellent grade same as "Shenmu".

Okay, let me explain. You are kind a childish god/devil who tries to change/manipulate a guy's life. The guy, Neji Taihei(Japanese meaning is terrible screw) lives in Apartment No.203. He is a typical boring college kid who thinks/believes himself special. Now, it's your turn to play with him. What you can do is very limited in this game. You can click/move his stuff (phone, clock, TV, computer, magazines, cigarette and more) Imaging "Harassing private Neji" instead of Ryan. If you can keep him in happy mode, you'll have more choices. In the beginning of the game, you only have one view to observe the guy. Later, you actually have few more views and different angles. What you can do is clicking, clicking phone, computer, magazines, radio. his room staff. Every mission has a due day. You are mission is manipulate him to the move. Of course, you can't complete every mission in the due day. Depending on your result, you guide him to the different endings.

This game plays very slow. If you have played "Making baseball/soccer team" before, you can participate for this game's pace. However, once you get the move, this game is mad funny. In fact, depending on how you do in this game, Neji/the character gets killed! It's all about real life. The character does everything, read porno magazine, TV, pee, shit, check e-mail, eat in this game. Hey, he even invites girl to his room.? Moreover, you have conversation with your next door kid, named Shuhei. (He is actually leukemiaman there is a sweet/sad story going on) You are going to be surprised/impressed how the character's life details are well concern. (It's exactly Japanese College kids life style)

Thus, this game is outstanding! We've never seen/experienced this kind play style before. The graphic is stable and "Bjork", "Pizzicato Five" and even "Radio head" that music probably influences the sound track. I wish Sega released this game as series. If US Sega is concern to release this game, they should definitely ask Spike Jonze (who directed Being John Malkovich) as graphic designer. I can't wait to play sequel of this game. I hope the next series contains a girl mode as well.

Hideaki Jimbo

No screenshots available for this title.

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