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Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-4
Developer:  Visual Concepts
Publisher:  Sega
Features:  JumpPack Compatible, On-Line Multiplayer, Keyboard
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  180 Blocks
You might of thought to yourself that Sega has made the ultimate football
game when NFL 2K came out last year. This year, they outdid themselves with
NFL 2K1. This is the most flawless football game I have seen yet to come out
on a next generation console. The game play for this game has defiantly has
a fun factor overall. The season mode has an extensive amount of weeks to
play in order to hit the Super Bowl. It also has a feature called Franchise
mode where you call the shots as the owner of any particular team. For
example lets say you're the owner of the Jets and you decide to trade
Testaverde or buy out his contract, your actually able to do that and you
can get to buy in new rookies from the Draft picks and only can you play this
game against the CPU or your friends, but it now has an online feature as
well. With Sega's nifty SegaNet, you have the ability to play other players
around the U.S. and you will be able to talk trash to them after they do
some nasty ass plays with the Sega Dreamcast keyboard. The coolest thing about
the online feature is the ability to download the latest roster from the
2000-2001 season. It may or may not be good to use depending on which team
you use because some players may be benched out or suspended depending on
what's happening in real-life football. What I liked about this game was
the training feature to put you in a spot where your not too good at and helps
you get the pressure out. For example, you can tie yourself up with the
opposing team in the 4th Quarter with no time outs remaining and ten seconds
left remaining on the forth down…..what do you do?

The graphics are pretty much the same as the original NFL2K. The only new
things included was the use of real-time lighting on the stadiums and the
reflections on the players helmets. The crowd graphics have been improved
on the stadiums with better types of animations. Also the animation of the
players has been improved such as the tackling, offensive and defensive
plays, and as well as the running. This all adds more realness to this
game. the only thing I was disappointed with the graphics were that every time you
were to see the close ups of a team while in huddle you see one or two
players changes colors for a quick second or two. The good thing is that
the game doesn't slowdown at all with all these graphics which is a good thing
to many players.

The one thing that tops NFL 2K1 was sound. Everything in the game is
beyond excellent. What I love the most was the audio commentary. This is
the major plus in the game. The things they say are so on point is not even
funny. The commentary is so great, it actually feels like your watching it
on television if you were t watch the CPU's battle it out. Another great
thing is in your are able to tweak the sounds to either TV broadcast mode,
as if you watching it on television, On crowd mode where you are able to hear
it as if you are with the crowd watching the game, or On field mode where you
were to hear as if your on the team. the funny thing is if you put in that
mode, you could the players taunt each other while your playing.

The controls are pretty much decent. Since I'm not that much of a big fan
of the DC controller, it did have its use for his game. Overall this game is
excellent it has what every NFL fan wants in a game….(except the
cheerleaders). Other than that, this is definatly a game you should pick up
for three reasons: No.1 the game play itself is very great especially with
friends. No. 2, the audio is a definite plus and No. 3, its football..

Jesse Labrocca

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