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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Neversoft
Publisher:   Activision
Features:  Analog Control Compatible, Vibration Control Compa
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  1 Block
Info:  Http://
There has always been a thing about sequels not being as great as the
original if its either a movie, cartoon, and definitely well known with
video games. Though some have succeeded in beating out its originals, some have
tragically failed. Neversoft has put out Tony Hawk's pro Skater 2 out to
see if it could beat out last year's original bestseller. The outcome…a
success. This game delivers a lot more than what original did not have. There are
now bigger levels, an extended trick guide, new skaters, and the game play
is even more fun than the original.

The game play is awesome especially with these new types of levels
including an abandoned air hangar, school property, and a tournament in
France, Mexico, and an amazing level in New York. If you don't like the
levels already made in the game, there's also a park editor where you can
make your own version of a skate park in the game. The cool thing about the
game is that practically all parts of the levels you can do tricks on
whether you grinding on helicopter blade, to the subway rail or even hitting the
famous 900 in a skate park. Many of the players from the original game
comes back to the sequel as well as new skaters appears such as Eric Koston, Steve
Caballero, and Rodney Mullen appears in the new game. You can also create
yourself in the game if you want and pick out your own moves to your liking.
Speaking of that, as you play in the game you gain some cash and you can
tweak your player up with your winnings by either fixing up you stats,
tricks, or even changes the style of you board to fit your own style.

What I like about this game is that each level is unique in it owns way
and as you play, the objectives you do will be worth more money as each
level you complete. Where you can play to win literally. The graphics are pretty
much the same because of the engine they used for the previous Tony Hawk and
Spiderman games. The multiplayer feature has been improved from the
original version. The only difference it has is that the levels were altered to fit
the multiplayer's needs. There is Trick Attack mode where you and player 2
can play simultaneously without slowing the game speed down which is
surprising due to it being a playstation game. It goes the same with the
graphics. The colors go really good with the multiplayer, nothing laggy in
the game at all which makes this game a total plus.

Another thing that I enjoyed from the game is the huge soundtrack from
many bands including Powerman 5000, rage Against the Machine, Naughty by
Nature Anthrax feat. Public Enemy, Papa Roach, High and Mighty and so on and
so forth. The combination of these songs and the game play makes this
really addicting and you just want to play more and more.

Overall, I think this game will be as good as the original, maybe even
better. With all the new features included with this game, it will make it
even more addicting than what the original was all about. Neversoft has done
really well with this game and also with the numerous amounts of sponsors in
the game which makes it even more better I personally think you should pick
this up. This is one game you will never let go of and something you will
definitely not be disappointed in.

Jesse Labrocca

No screenshots available for this title.

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