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Dino Crisis 2
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1 - 2
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Ratings:  Mature
Memory Req.:  
Wow, when Capcom sets out to make a survival/horror game, they really get down and dirty perfect example of this is demonstrated in their latest release, Dino Crisis 2. Still keeping in touch with the basics of surviving a nightmarish run through more-than-real environments, giving up a lot of big guns and plenty of ammo to blast away at whatever should happen down your path, and a couple of innovative stages were added to the fray as well. All in all, it’s a pretty good game. You take the role of Regina, the flame-haired heroine from the previous D. C. game. Also thrown in the mix is a young corporal, Dylan, who finds out some very interesting things about the situation he and his new partner are in. The weapons in the game are made to work according to your character from the way I played it, although it could just be my gaming tactics. From what I could tell, Regina can use certain weapons that Dylan can’t, and vice-versa. They both have default secondary weapons which can be changed after a new secondary weapon is purchased via “save/shop points”. These places in the game are marked by a neat little computer terminal found in the walls of some rooms in the game. During the game, you get to rack up extinction points, special points given to you for doing exactly that, making the dinos extinct, again. In some cases, if you have the skill, you can combo your kills and get more than the usual amount of extinction points. Also, leaving a room unscathed by the terrible beasts adds a “no damage” bonus to your extinction points. These are all helpful because you need extinction points to purchase new weapons, health power-ups, and a bunch of other good stuff. You get the satisfaction of blowing away a whole slew of new dinosaurs, ranging from the ever-menacing Velociraptors, to the rarely seen Gigantosaurus! The boys at Capcom went out of their way to show off their talent when it came to introducing each of these dinos, as each of them has a terrifying intro. You’ll be astonished at how real everything looks, especially the interaction between the dinosaurs while they hunt you down. You’ll know what I mean when you play the game. Just walking down a quiet path will 9 times out of 10 result in an ambush by bloodthirsty raptors. Oh yeah, and there’s no running from them either, once they spot you, they’ll chase you down until you kill them, and believe me they’re fast. So keep your pistols pointed ahead and make sure to stock up on alot of health items, you’ll need them all. The game is submersive and will have you hooked, but unfortunately the fun only lasts for about 5 hours. I was disgusted with the way it ended, such a plush game with such short playtime. It didn’t make any sense to me how Capcom could disrespect the hardcore gamers out here by making such a short game. We all know the full potential of the Capcom staff, and it seemed like their hearts weren’t really into this one. It could’ve been hours longer. That’s really the only thing that I can hold against this game. Nobody should be able to go through this game in less than 7 hours their first time playing it. Really, titles like “Resident Evil”and”Mega-man”have been holding gamers in place overnight for years. It can’t be too hard to push another all-nighter out for those of us who really feel the need for a strong challenge from a game. The short timespan is what really knocks this game down to the dreaded RENTAL STATUS, which most game companies should fear because that’s how games get labeled “bad games”. This game had the potential to be one of the best, but it just didn’t make the list. Not in my book anyway. But hey, who doesn’t like blazing’ your way through a jungle-like era filled with danger at every turn?I know I love the feeling of being stalked by a dinosaur(as long as I know I’m not gonna get killed by the thing, I’m cool with it!)So if you feel like I do, and I’m quite sure alot of you out there do, go and snatch your copy of Dino Crisis 2, but beware the short adrenaline rush you’ll get after the 5 hour journey is over, you’ll come down pretty hard!Whatever happened to the good old days of buying a game and having to play it relentlessly in order to beat it. It seems like nowadays you can beat games while you eat your dinner. That’s not saying too many good things about the game companies of today, and yesterday for that matter. Can someone please make up for this shortness of game length? I hope so, or we’ll all be up to our necks in games that we conquered in less than a half a day. Really though, the game is fun, it’s packed with action and a great storyline. The weapons are groovy, the scenery is beautifully rendered. The dinosaurs are the furthest thing from being”BIG DUMB LIZARDS”and they will kill you, quickly, if you’re not on your toes at all times. So go ahead and give Dino Crisis 2 a go, you won’t be sorry. That is, unless you buy it. In which case you’ll end up blasting your way through it in hours, and thus being really angry at the fact that there really isn’t much else the game has to offer but something they added called”Extra Crisis”, which can only be accessed after you’ve beaten the game. Extra Crisis has two other games inside it. The”Dino-colosseum”and the”Dino-duel”. The dino-colosseum pits you against every dinosaur you encountered in the game, only you’re inside what appears to be a virtual battleground. With lame maneuverability too. The Dino-duel lets you pick any of the dinosaurs you’ve purchased, using your extinction points at the end of the game, to do battle against another dinosaur in a two player battle. Of course, still in the lame virtual battlezone(OOOOH!)That’s basically all that the game has to offer, with such a short time to play, it drowns itself. Capcom should’ve taken a little more time on this game just to add about ten more hours to it. Or maybe this is just a sampler of what they’ve got in store for us later on? I sure hope so, because I’m quite tired of beating games in less than a day. Anyone agree with me?

--Contest Winner--

Jesse Labrocca

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