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Harvest Moon 2 GBC
Platform:  Gameboy
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Natsume
Publisher:  Natsume
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  
Harvest Moon 2 is the next chapter in the Harvest Moon Series by Natsume.
There’s quite a cult following for the HM series. Harvest Moon for the SNES was one of the last titles to come out for that platform, and received critical acclaim. The general public was getting a taste of their first ten hit combos in Tekken and paid it little mind.

The premise is that you are a farmer and the whole motivation for the game is that you must take a run down farm and return it to profitability by raising crops and livestock. All the while you need to take time out of your busy day to go meet local girls and chat them up with the hopes that one will marry you and you can raise a family too. It’s classic "Japanese Sim" weirdness.

For those who don’t know, the Japanese Videogame Top Ten list is usually littered with one or two sim games that are a little too life like to seem like much fun to us blood-thirsty, combo-happy Gaijin. Games where you own a hamburger stand and must turn it into a multi-million dollar franchise, and dating simulators (strictly PG Rated) are top sellers and attract rabid fan followings.

So anyway, Harvest Moon fades into videogame history, just an oddball game to wring a couple bucks out of the dying SNES system, right? WRONG! The fan reaction to HM here in the states makes it quite the collector’s item. Natsume picks up on this and releases HM for the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy. Hats off to Nintendo for being brave enough to release these titles in the US that seem so "unmarketable".

HM GBC is released and adeptly reviewed by Greg here on He reports it is still the same good old HM you know and love, but with one fatal flaw. You can’t get married! HM2 remedies this situation and once again, after a long day’s work you can snuggle up with your honey and start a family. No there aren’t any naughty cut-scenes; this is rated E after all!

The gameplay itself is fun, hoeing the fields, planting seeds, and watering your crops. It’s idyllic rural bliss, until of course your farm gets too large. Then you find yourself racing to put your harvested crops in the bin for sale, water the acres of plants, feed brush and talk to your cows to make them happy…WHEW! This ain’t so easy after all! You only have from 6am to midnight to do all this and there really isn’t enough time in the day to actually do all this. There are festivals to attend and people to interact with on a daily basis too. Sometimes a person from town will show up at your door and ask you to help them in some way or another. So as you can see there’s a lot more to this title than just pulling weeds and picking turnips.

There are tons of new features exclusive to this version too. You get your own private fishing hole. If you buy a fishing pole or an insect net and catch fish or bugs, via the link cable, you can trade them with a friend who owns HM2 or Legend of the River King 2; a fishing game put out my Natsume. You can link to the GB Printer and print out photos from the scrapbooks you find in the library. Whack a Mole and a horse racing game are the mini games are included if you get tired of farming. Now you can also expand your farm by building a bridge that crosses a river to greener pastures. You can build a sheep pen to raise sheep and sell their wool for big bucks, or a green house to grow spices.

So if you’re interested in playing a game that doesn’t follow the same tired genres, or if you’re just looking for a game that won’t corrupt your kid brother. This title is sure to give you your money’s worth and will entertain from start to finish!

John Cooper

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