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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Platform:  Nintendo 64
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Nintendo
Publisher:  Nintendo
Features:  Rumble Pack, Expansion Pack
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  None
Link is finally back on all new adventure on the much-anticipated Legend of
Zelda: Majora's Mask. I can honestly say Nintendo did a great job with this
game. With the cool packaging of the game like the gold cartridge, and as
well as having a limited edition hologram cover art for the game itself is
great. The storyline for the game is done very well even with all the side
quests that are in the game. The story goes like this: After Link's battle
with Ganon, he decided he needed to leave Hyrule to find himself and who he
really is. As he rides down to a forest with his fellow horse Epona, two
fairies pushes him off his horse falls down unconscious. He later wakes up
seeing this mysterious guy in a mask on his horse and rides off while Link
holding on. This is where you begin your quest. I like the storyline
because it's done in a very unique way. In a way the storyline reminds you
from that movie Groundhog's Day. You have three days in the game to beat a
particular quest if not the world is going to end because somehow there is
weird looking moon that is slowly creeping down its way to hit the world.
Some of the new features that this game now has is the ability to use up to
24 different masks with each having its own special use in the game whether
you choose the Goron Mask, which lets Link transform himself into a Goron
travel around using different attacks or you could also use the Zora Mask,
which lets you turn into a spirit of a young Zora you saved from drowning.

The game play has a lot of different things, but yet again it borrows a
lot from the original game, the Ocarina Of Time. All the original weapons
are back, but it now has the abilities to find 4 different swords in the
game, which helps a lot in the game. Most of the people complained that the
original game was fairly easily so now with the featured timed game now,
where you would have at least like an hour or two to finish something in the
game before you would go back in time and repeat everything all over.
Surprisingly Link would not transform himself into an adult in the game, so
he'll always be a kid throughout your journey. What I liked about this is
that you have these side quests where you would have to complete in order to
get all these masks and get a particularly a good ending. There a lot of
things you have to do for example, you have to protect these cows from
getting abducted by aliens, or you would have to prevent a milk robbery from
these two masked men, or even give this hand a land deed to a man who live
lives inside a toilet! While this game has a min quest to save the world,
there are also side quests where you would have to play. You would get to
play this as soon as you would receive the Bomber's notebook. For every
you would complete a side quest you would receive a "happy sticker". There
are at least 20 side quests to complete. The cool thing is that this game
very challenging because there are a lot of things you must do in order to
get one thing done to complete another. Such as you need to get the Stone
Mask to complete some certain tasks, because that particular mask lets you
become invisible to most enemies. If you thought

The graphics have been detailed a lot more due to the fact that it would be
required to used the expansion pack. With that nifty feature, the game
itself made a big improvement with all these intense colors in the game and
can go pretty good for a Nintendo 64 game. Again, most of the details in
Majora's Mask were used again from the first Link game. Many returning
characters are back again for the sequel like the Mask Salesman, Romani, The
Skull Kid, The Gorman Brothers and as well as The Great Fairies.
The sounds for the game are done pretty well. Most of the original sounds
were remade to sound a lot better and as well as great to my consent. While
seeing the game better graphics and as well as the sound going together,
makes the great as it is.

Overall, I think this is one of greatest comebacks for a game that has
been for over ten years. I'd highly recommend getting this game. The Legend
of Zelda : Majora's Mask is a hot game on its own level. What else can you
ask for a game that is long, fun, and exciting? This would defiantly be one
of the games my list of what I should pick up soon. I'm wondering why you
still reading this? Get up and pick this game up, for real. So go, go now I
-Mario Gonzalez

Jesse Labrocca

No screenshots available for this title.

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