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Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-4
Developer:  Visual Concepts
Publisher:  Sega of America
Features:   VGA Box, Jump Pack Compatible, Online Multi-playe
Ratings:  Everyone
Memory Req.:  150 blocks
Sega Sports has done it again with its new title, NBA 2K1. They have broke grounds for the sports gaming industry with its stunning graphics, fantastic game play and as well as new trash talking phrases like the original Sega game has brought to us. There has been a huge improvement in the new version of the game itself. For one, the game is now online compatible as well as you can upload the latest roster via downloading it to you VMU. This also
includes the latest 2000-2001 lineup in the majority of the teams. So if you’re a Ewing fan, don’t count on him being with the Knicks. For all of you who are fanatics of such basketball favorites, they have included classic teams such as the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s legends such as “Dr. J” Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Bill Walton, and many more. Many tweaks have been fixed from the original game such as the camera angles have been
altered to look much better and as well as the pla
yers look more realistic than what they looked like in the original. New crossovers and as well as new signature dunks has been added to the game to please the gamers needs.

The sound as well as the crowd animation has a whole new feel for the new game. The crowd noise has nice feel like as if you were in the game. As
you proceed to play the game, the controls feel like as if you were actually playing the game. The newly altered camera angles show the realness of the game like when you use the TV angle as if you were watching it in the comfort
of your own home. The commentating was neatly done and is quite accurate when you play the games. The stadiums look as real as your turning on the TV. My favorite feature in the game would have to be the street ball mode where you can actually play in the playgrounds. Such well known parks in New York were added such as the Goat Park, Ruckers Park, and many others. You
can have to choice to either play 2 on 2, 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 in the game. Of course you would have to play by street rules. This makes the game feel
more like 2 games in 1 package deal.

The graphics for this game is amazing. Although you may see some resemblance from the first game, you will notice a lot of differences such as the
players themselves look a lot smoother and more real than the first game. The intros is much more colorful and shows some nice taunts from the audiences and as well as players. What I liked the most is when the away team is about to
shoot a foul shot; the crowd participates and starts waving white balloons to
stall the player’s concentration just like in the real NBA. Other favorites of mine include the signature crossovers Allen Iverson and other
popular NBA players do throughout the game. As successful as NFL 2K1 was, Sega decided to put up the Franchise mode so get to get the fell of the
owner’s experience. You can either trade sell buy, draft other players from either college or free agent players in the NBA to see how they
progress throughout the season and post season play. Your players may face either injuries or suspensions depending on what they do, so anything goes in this mode. This feature works very well with the Dreamcast keyboard so you can use the many options on the game. The only thing that I am a little disappointed in, but its not really big of a deal,Is that they should of added the all star event features like the slam dunk
competition or the 3 point shoot out contest. (Do I foresee Sega adding this in the future?) Hopefully later on in the near future, they will realize what will be good…. But for now, I give my best to the creators of this game. They did a wonderful job on everything, but I’m wondering how
will they top this game, who knows. So you think you up for the challenge, then go pick up NBA 2K1 and lets see what you got!
-Mario Gonzalez

Jesse Labrocca

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