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World Neverland Plus
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Riverhill Studios
Publisher:  Riverhill Studios
Ratings:  Kids to Adults
Memory Req.:  
First of all, you need to register your name, sex, and face for living The Olerud kingdom. Then you need to choose one group from three groups. The game starts from New Year party where the Olerud king announces last year's income ranking.(This income ranking is not only about money but also including fighting points) After the meeting, everybody goes back to their own lives. Now you are new resident in Neverland. You belong to Olerud kingdom. Now, you are just seven years old kid who knows nothing about the village and the people.

If you have played "EVERQUEST" (the PC game), you will love this game. Graphic of this game looks like 8-bit game but the game world is huge and it connected with DC network system. If you have a modem system, you can exchange information with the other Neverland gamer on the net. Also, if you find a better place to live, you can move to there by using the network system. You can talk with everybody in the village. Of course, you may find your boyfriend/ girlfriend or future husband/wife.

This game is about life so you actually don't need to beat monsters to finish the game. It's all up to you. However, having boyfriends or girlfriends requires you to have money and social status same as our real life. So, you need to work and fight for the future. Basically, you are D-rank worker in the beginning of the game so you are farmer. What you have to do is taking care of vegetables and feeding water to these vegetables. Once you get a raise, you move to delivery guy as C-rank. B-rank is delivery guy to the market and A-rank is organizer of the market. You have to learn/imitate everything from the others. And, of course you get tired and sick sometimes during the game then you need to drink water or go to hot spring to reduce your stress.

What I really like about this game is dating, engaging, getting married and making baby processes. Once, you find your favorite boy/girl, you ask him/her to go out. Then, if it works, you may propose him/her. Funnily, you need to reserve your wedding party date otherwise some people are holding the place for their wedding parties. Now, you get married and move to an another house. Making baby process is not visible as we expected. It's basically relating to you and your partner matching points. But, once you get old, you can shift to your child as the game main character. Therefore, you probably need to spend few generations to get high status in the society.

Thus, this game has all classic RPG elements (fighting, collecting items, and traveling.) This game doesn't contain amazing graphic and sound track. But, it is simple fun action free moving RPG.

Hideaki Jimbo

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