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Buggy Heat
Platform:  Dreamcast
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  CSK Research Institute
Publisher:  CRIC
Features:  Visual Memory, Jump Pack
Ratings:  Early Childhood
Memory Req.:  
Mr. Kenji Eno's latest artwork has finally been released for Dreamcast. "D2" is a four-disc game, and funnily enough, even though the title is "D2", it's not the sequel of "D". It's a very unique game, in that it has little bit of everything (Shooting, snowmobile riding, and searching for items) One of this game's main themes is cannibalism. Hey, that's totally different from the other games out there! However, this game came out almost the same time as the #1 wanted game, "Shenmue", which will probably affect D2's sales tremendously. Okay, let's talk about this game. The story begins on an airplane above Canada. You as the main character, Laura, are riding on the airplane for some reason. Suddenly, the airplane is hijacked by some really weird terrorists, then gets hit by a stray meteorite and crashes! The gorgeous opening demo graphics are simply outstanding. Unfortunately, we can't control the outcome of the demo at all.

Once Laura opens her eyes, ten days have passed since the accident. The storyline and art direction remind me of David Lynch's TV show "Twin Peaks". The mysterious opening and characters will quickly bring you to "Hyper Mr. Eno World". You see most of the main characters on the airplane, and later, you'll have weird encounter with those characters. Remember the strangeness in "Twin Peaks"…? Everything is related… Now, you are awake but you've lost all of your memory. Your companion/rescuer (?), Kimberly Fox has been taking care of you for two days. Strangely, you were somewhere for eight days after the airplane crashed, but where? You/Laura can't remember anything… "Cannibalism", "Memory", "Trauma", "Pureness" and "Fate" are key words for understanding the world of "D2". But first, welcome to the "Zombie Revenge" world. The first disc is all about shooting. Honestly, I was kind of sick of the repetition, after a while. Every two minutes, you need to kill monsters. It's almost like a "Zombie Revenge", or a slower moving "House of the Dead". Of course, in order to gain experience points, you have to keep killing those shits. However, it's a little bit annoying. Moreover, you actually hear the Dreamcast loading sound (you know the weird sound) before the zombies appear in front of you. It badly affects your playing motivation man! We hear the sound then we all know what's gonna happen next…It's too predictable.

Luckily, in the 2nd disc, you'll get a snowmobile (Hey, it actually plays like "Sled Storm") so you can save time and mostly avoid those stupid monsters. For 1st person shooter lovers, this option is phat. Yes, this game mostly runs in 1st person view. However, when characters move place to place without picking up stuff the game shows a 3rd person view. Cinematically, the character's point of view is a kind of funky jump cut. We know its Laura's point of view. But, it doesn't really match at all, it's sad to say. Man, I'm talking about a 128-bit system game. Especially after I just finished playing "Shenmue". That game totally satisfied me. The story line, graphics, soundtrack, and originality were perfect. On the other hand, "D2" is not for everybody but 1st person shooter lovers. I honestly expected it to be more like "Enemy Zero", Eno's space horror game for the Saturn. However, the 2nd disc gives you more mobility once you find the snowmobile. Remember that you have to find the gas in the 1st disc, otherwise, the snowmobile is not gonna work for you. Another interesting thing about this game is the hunting mode. You actually need to hunt your meals by using a rifle. This is something a bit different from other games. Usually, you can pick up an energy drink or first aid kit if you're injured. Surprisingly, you can actually kill animals ranging from small rabbits to gigantic deer.

Thus, "D2" is a decent game for sure, especially the 3rd disc basement scene, which is amazing. You'll have to play it yourself and see, man! The art direction is awesome. Unfortunately, it takes time to reach that point, if you're really impatient. Once, you reach those cool places, you are ready to be involved in the world of "D2". Otherwise, you keep killing the monster shits. Probably, people will start talking about this game later. This isn't the game for everybody, but you know, "Twin Peaks" was not popular when it showed first time on television. Therefore, this kind of new style game may be the next "Biohazard". Fortunately, the latest technology allows genius game creators (and, unfortunately, stupid game creators, too) to make/create the whole artwork. The videogame scene is changing. Now, we can experience an almost "virtual world" by playing these

Hideaki Jimbo

No screenshots available for this title.

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