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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (Import)
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Namco
Publisher:  Namco
Features:  Dual Shock
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Are you waiting for Playstation 2? Forget about that for a while. This game proves you enough that Namco can make something special for you. From the first one, Ace Combat was totally different from the other flight shooting games. And, again they made it. The third one contains two disks. Once you start playing, you will realize this is not only shooting but also simulation.

The story sets in 2023. There are three players in this beckoning cold war period, set in the two realities of Eusia(The creation of transnational economic co-operative) and the Electrosphere :General Resource, which dominates through its long-established and monolithic economic power, Neucom (The quickening -of an existence perhaps best described as new genius of will) which continues to increase it's strength through innovation technology and new information capacity; and the UPEO:, which has continued, after reinventing itself, to pursue its mandate for peace keeping from the end of the last century. Meanwhile, one man desires chaos. And, that's you.

You can use dual shock controller, negcon, and analog joystick with this game. When you push the start botton, you can chose airplane for your mission. Depends on the mission you have limited choices of choosing airplane. Begging of the game, you just only can chose missile or balcon for your airplane. However, as far as you clear the mission, you will see more choices.

Now, you are the pilot who is selected by UPEO. The game contains three mission levels (easy, Normal, and hard) Remember, the easy and normal controls are slightly different. When you try to make your airplane carve, easy mission goes automatically follow with the stable air plane position. However, If your play normal either hard, you have to control everything when you make curve either up and down. You need to know few techniques to destroy the targets accurately. Lock on is the basic technique to capture the enemies when you see the enemy and reach closer, your airplane is automatically lock on the target. However, there are a few non-targets, which tells on the side monitor as yellow mark. If you destroy these non-targets things, your mission percentages are going down. So, keep checking the monitor all the time. And, you will also face the enemies, which you can't lock on. You should use Balkan instead. Moreover, some of the missions require you to drop the missile instead of shooting it to the target points. Again, check the monitor and make it much with the target.

Interestingly, depending on how you go the missions, you will see different story modes. For instance, if you finish the mission in the planning time, you can play extra mission before you go to the next mission. Furthermore, while you are playing the game, you will be asked to transfer to the another team. So, if you agree the deal, you will fight with your ex-team from the next mission. This is so realistic as a story as well as the excellent graphic.

In short, people who have played the first and the second are no doubt to buy this game. It's harder than the first and the second. Besides, people who like Japanese animation "Area 51", this is exactly the game that makes you feel as the main character. We are highly recommended this game for everybody. "Tekken3", "R4', now it's time to play "Acecombat 3".

Hideaki Jimbo

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