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Jet Set Radio Future
Platform:  X-Box
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Sega
Publisher:  Sega
Features:  lots of them
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  
Crappy xbox had to get a title Iíve been waiting for, why oh why couldnít Jet Set Radio Future be on a console I actually liked. But I guess xbox needed another great title besides Halo, so I guess I canít be that mad. Hopefully this isnít a xbox exclusive (hopefully). For those of you who went out and bought a xbox your gaming needs have been quenched for now. This latest addition to the lacking line up is definitely a must have. For those of you who didnít have the luxury of playing Jet Grind Radio on Dreamcast here is what you missed.
Jet Grind Radio was one of the most unique titles to come out in along time, it offered a cool storyline, unique graphics, cool music, and great gameplay all while being revolutionary in an otherwise stale and rehashed market. The story was this, kids with magnetically powered skates cruised the city tagging up everything, all while eluding cops, rival gangs and evil corporations bent on world domination. Cool huh, and this is all delivered in a totally different and completely new way. The controls took some getting used to, but once you learned them you was skating and tagging with the best of them. This is one title (if you're one of the lucky people who owns a Dreamcast) you should go out and find, most places sell it for at most twenty bucks. Talk about a deal.

Some of the things that made Jet grind so cool was the character design and the music. The characters were completely innovative and still are. They weren't your run of the mill designs, they really caught your eye for there originality. My one gripe now is how they made the one chick in the gang, Gum, a total hoochie. She was cool in the first one, now it's nothing but low cleavage and panty shots. The music is also kick ass, it's really catchy and you will find yourself humming along even if you don't particularly like the song. The first one sported music from rob zombie and jurassic 5
This latest installment is no exception, while the story seems to be pretty much the same skating, tagging, beating up rival gangs and cops. This time around they took out some things and added some new stuff. For instance the ability to dash whenever you wanted has been replaced by a super dash that takes up 10 paint cans. No longer must you stand and perform joystick movements to complete your graffiti now just whiz by and hold one of the triggers and ta-da, instant graffiti.

They also added a whole new batch of moves you can now perform like the ability to bum rush cops. No longer must you run like a bitch, now you can fight back. Also you now have the ability to grind up telephone poles, thatís right UP, and you can grind across telephone wires without the fear of electric shock. You also have the ability to perform different grinds while grinding to speed up which helps a lot. And finally, they added a versus mode where you can race, tag battle and other fun games. But unfortunately there is no cooperative mulitplayer mode. They should of really put this in this time around it would really have been fun to skate around and tag up with your gang.
Also this time around the enviorments are huge, this allows for a lot more grinding, tricking and tagging SWEET!!

Now while they did add some new stuff they took out some other things, like the ability to wall ride on anything, now you can only wall ride on certain billboards. Also they took out the timer on each level which isn't to bad, but this added a sense of "Man I gotta hurry up and find this last tag before the cops shoot me down and the time runs out!!" now you can just lollygag about and do whatever. They also got rid of the whole internet feature that allowed you to trade your homemade tags and chat with other jet grinders.

While there are a lot of new additions and a lot of things taken out Jet Set is still a very fun game and while fans of the first might gripe about somethings once they sit down and play the game they will be pleasantly surprised. It does feel that the game has been simplified a bit but not enough to insult those of us who sat down and mastered how to play. They just made it so anybody can sit down and enjoy playing without making it super easy. This is still a solid title that makes me think twice about an xbox purchase.

Jesse Labrocca

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