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Street Fighter II revival
Platform:  GB Advance
# of Players:  2
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Features:  link
Ratings:  Teen
Memory Req.:  N/A
Before I start tearing the game apart piece by piece, let me say that there was a huge initial shock of playing a near-perfect Super Street Fighter II game on a small screen. How did they cram all this stuff in there?
Yes, it’s all here; all 8 characters from the original SF, the 4 playable bosses from Champion Edition, the 4 new characters from Super SF, and even an unlockable Akuma for a total of 17 characters! 17 detailed, animated characters with all their signature moves and digitized voices intact. Then Capcom put in the stages for each character, including the music and crowd…all in a cartridge tiny enough to shove up your…Game Boy Advance.
Ok, graphics…I can’t say enough good stuff about the graphics. Ok, so some frames of animation are missing and certain stages are…different. It’s more than made up for by the all-new, original artwork and the play modes.
The sound in this game is excellent. Even in the tinny, mono sound of the GBA, punches and kicks have that distinctive Street Fighter whoosh & crack is perfectly replicated. This sounds more like the Super NES than anything else. Classic tunes that accompany each stage are here, sounding decent and even above average in this version of the game. Remember the jungle themed tune in Blanka’s stage? How about the classic Dhalsim music? It’s all here, and sounds great. The voices sound great as well.0
Ok, next up is the control, and here’s where the game lacks. Now, Capcom did a really good job, don’tget me wrong, but there’s only so much you can do when you redesign a game that was originally designed with 6 buttons and squash them into four. The controls have taken a hit; and I know I’m not the only adult that has a problem with the size of the game boy advance and it’s d pad…keep that in mind when yuo try to pull off those complicated combos that you perfected at the arcade. Maybe it’s just me but I used to pound the controller on the original SF games. Now, I’m forced to play like a church mouse; otherwise, I’ll be moving the screen beyond my point of vision.
Shit, it’s street fighter. It’s not original, it’s ten years old, and this particular version was the last of the stagnation of the original series. So how could this game possibly be good? It’s all the extras. Capcom realy went all out to make sure SF revival was worth your hard earned money. The different modes, the turbo speed selection ability, and the survival modes are great ways to keep the game fresh. Even in single player mode, there’s plent to keep you busy: hint: get 500,000 points to unlock Akuma. (999,999 to unlock Shin Akuma.) Even if you don’t like street Fighter and wish th e series would die already, you have to appreciate that this is a high quality GBA title and well worth owning.
It’s hardenough in single player mode, but linked up, it’s Street Fighter on the go. Is your frined talking shit about how he whupped you snesless the other day in the arcades? Bust out the link cable and school his ass on the spot.
This is one you’ll have to keep playing over and overagain. It’s a perfect GBA game: not overly long or tedious…straight up action. The original game boy, with its blurry screen and low battery life, was best suited to puzzle games. The game boy color fixed the problem with the screen but the system’s technology wasn’t vastly enhanced…thus it was the perfect syste for RPG’s and classic remakes of the 8 bit hits. Now, the GBA has arrived, and Street Fighter Turbo Revival is the perfect example of what GBA games should be: fast, high quality 16 titles that look great and play great too.
Street figherr 2 turbo revival that show’s off what the system can do and provides hours of mindless entertainment.
If you can get over the control issue, you won’t be dissapointed with the quality Capcom’s title. Even if you don’t like SF at all, I highly recommend this game to you as an easy title to pick up and get into.

The difficulty in this game rocks…it was a good challenge on the default setting, but the action heats up when you set it to 6 or higher, although the computer gets exttrrmlry cheesy at this point. For a good time,. Challenge a friend, who must also have a copy of the game in order to match up. I had a small problem with this at first, as I thoughy it should be possible to link up with a single copy of the game, but I think I see the logic behind capcom’s decision. Rather than allow a linked match on a bare-bones stage with both players using the same character, it looks like they were going for overall quality with this installment of their flagship series. A bare bones 2 player feature would certainly not have fit with the rest of the game’s full featured gallery, arcade, survival, and true versus modes

Jesse Labrocca

No screenshots available for this title.

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