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World Rally Championship
Platform:  Playstation 2
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  Evolution Studios
Publisher:  BAM!Entertainment
Features:  Rumble and Collision
Ratings:  Early Childhood
Memory Req.:  
The folks at Evolution Studios have made the best next-gen Rally game up to date! I think this game can even rival the grandfather of all Rally games Colin Mcrae. But not quite fully, simply because there is no license mode. You go straight into the race, which Iím not too mad at either. This will, I believe make people get into the game much quicker. The guyís at Bam Entertainment did the right thing by picking this title up and bringing it to the states. The game has been out for sometime overseas and is quite popular amongst the PS2 owners in the United Kingdom.

The game has an immense pointís season race, which is true to the actual event. A pleasant surprise to this game is the entire in race view modes. Inside the car is definitely by far the best but is also the most difficult. There are six views in all. The classic third person view, driverís side, as well as the hood view. I stick to the hood view. The car models are supreme! Given the fact that the cars get dirty and you do ding them up if you make a driving error I have no complaints here. Also when you are selecting your car you can go so far as to pick which driver and navigator (or co-driver if you prefer) for that manufactureís car. Now thatís tech! Speaking of tech you can also customize your car before each race. Gear ratios, brake strength, steering, tires, and suspension. If you know a little bit about racing on treacherous terrain and how to prepare for it well you can put your expertise to the test here. As for yours truly the default settings are just fine.

There are 81 tracks and 14 Rallies located throughout the world. Sweden, Great Britain, France, Greece, Italy, Australia, Argentina and Morocco to name just a few. The roads are pretty tricky and there is a touch of arcade racing but way more true to simulation. For example when you select the driverís side view you have to be very careful because if you crash hard your windows are ruined and it becomes extremely difficult to see. Also the collision details are true to life, things such as head and tail lights are the first to go as well as all your usual dents to the side panels and so forth. The eye, braking / acceleration tricks that are used in real racing can be practiced here. Hell you might even learn the real meaning of hitting the E-brake. Naturally the more you progess the harder it gets. I love the live footage that is displayed before the beginning of each race. I find them to be very informative. They actually gave me a newfound respect and interest in this kind of motor sport.

I really like this game. Now Iím not a super big Rally fan I canít tell you who won what race in whatever car and stuff like that but I can damn sure tell you a good driving game and this is one for sure. I recommend the game for anyone who has played Grand Turismo 3, Extreme Racer Zero, Test Drive Le-Mans, Ridge Racer, and Driving Emotion Type-S to name a few. The learning curve is not as hard as some of the games mentioned but it is just as much fun if not more in itís own special way.

Well now the moment of truth. How does WRC compare to RSC for the Xbox? It kicks the shit out of RSC. Despite all the pretty graphics, bits, or megahertzís or whatever you want to compare systems with. In terms of game versus game strictly I have to give it to the PS2 and WRC. Also WRC hits Grand Turismo 3 in the nuts when I compare the Rally modes. Does WRC beat out GT3? No because all Rally and no endurance races makes jack a dull boy.

Well WRC has landed first on the PS2 Rally scene and I think those that are smart enough to get it now before it vanishes will not be disappointed. For those who find out about it later good luck at finding a copy. As for me hopefully Iíll have my copy soon.

Jesse Labrocca

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