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Dino Crisis
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Features:  Vibration Function
Ratings:  Mature
Memory Req.:  
"RESIDENT EVIL" meets "JURASSIC PARK". Imagine you're shooting big, creepy dinosaurs instead of big, creepy zombies and you'll get an idea of what the focus of this new Capcom "Survival Horror' title really is. Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg should probably get some royalties on this one "Run Regina Run" is probably a better title for this game. The short red-haired main character reminds me of the lead character from the German film "Run Lola Run". You have to run constantly during the game otherwise; you will experience a Dino Crisis of your own as your character is eaten!

Compared to a game such as "Resident Evil", the graphics are much better, but even though the environments are full 3D, the game never seems to take advantage of this, and despite some nice shots here and there, suffers a bit from some of the same problems as RE. The control has a few problems as well (you can't use the analog controller for movement!) and when you want to escape from a Dino Crisis the control gets really annoying, especially when you need to shoot your gun (you have to press the R1 button with square or triangle.). On the other hand, you can now hold your gun while you're walking and even make a 180-degree turn with it. This is a big improvement from the previous "Resident Evil" games, but the dinosaurs have the real edge here, as they are animated perfectly.

This time out, you have a more limited choice of equipment and weapons. You can carry a handgun or shotgun with different kind of bullets such as 9mm, 40s, and tranquilizer darts. You actually can't find so many bullets in the game; therefore you have to save what you get for the battles. Otherwise, you just keep escaping from Dino Crisis's all the time. Nevertheless, you can't totally escape from the fear because the dinosaurs can actually enter some of the rooms that you are escaping/hiding in by destroying the doors! That makes it a lot different from the "Resident Evil" series. In the beginning of this game things are not that difficult and you may think you are going to finish this game soon. But, it gets harder and harder as the puzzles and enemies get tougher! It's not a double-disk game but quite a long game if you can find and play all the hidden stages.

We may not see the sequel of this game because it doesn't contain that much depth as far as story line. Finding Dr. Kirk and figuring out third energy mysteries seems to be the point of the game, as well as running like hell from all the raptors and such trying to put the bite on your rear end! Thus, 'Dino Crisis" is a pretty decent game with the best feature being the realistic animation of the dinosaurs, and the camera angles which are much more dramatic than any other Capcom games to date. But, I would like to say this is the big warm up before Capcom releases "RESIDENT EVIL 3" and "ONIMUSHA" for the Playstation and "RESIDENT EVIL: CODE VERONICA" for the Dreamcast.

Hideaki Jimbo

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