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Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-2
Developer:  GT Interactive
Publisher:  GT Interactive
Features:  Dual Shock
Ratings:  Mature
Memory Req.:  
Info:  http://
This is going to be one of the shortest reviews I have ever written, maybe one of the shortest reviews in the history of video games. And no, its not because I'm lazy. And no, its not because Duke Nukem is not worth my time. On the contrary, Duke Nukem:TTK is a fine game. So why will this review be so short? Read the next (and probably last) paragraph and I'll explain.

This review will be short because as I played Duke Nukem: TTK one phrase kept running through my head; "Duke Raider". This game has the look and feel of Tomb Raider. This is not a dis... far from it. Many a game released in the past twelve months has tried to match the quality gameplay experience found in Tomb Raider, but Duke Nukem is the first to actually hit the mark.

Don't get me wrong, Duke is not a clone of Tomb Raider; there are many elements of the game that are unmistakably Duke. The weapons, for instance, are plentiful and powerful: RPGs, flamethrowers, buffalo rifles, galling guns, even crossbows are included for your amusement. And of course there is also a larger and uglier cast of creatures to blow up with your weapons. Forget bats and tigers, Duke has to take on pig cops (with the letters L.A.R.D. written across their bulletproof vests), alien lizards, and bugged out one-eyed floating creatures that have the nasty habit of spewing balls of energy at you. You see, the aliens are back and this time they are using time travel to kill Duke Nukem before he gets a chance to kill them. So besides moving and slaying in the gritty urban environment of past Duke games you can also look forward to kicking ass in the Old West, Ancient Rome, and medieval Scotland (picture a kilt).

All I'm trying to say is this: Duke Nukem is a solid game with good graphics, tight control, and a lot of mature content. There is profanity and a lot of sexual reference, so younger viewers should beware. It may not be fair to say that Duke Nukem:TTK is Tomb Raider with fewer puzzles and more shooting (and more women is bikinis), but it is pretty much true. If you like the Tomb Raider series or the Duke Nukem series Duke Nukem:TTK deserves a place on your playstack.

Chris Shade

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