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FIFA 2000
Platform:  Playstation
# of Players:  1-8
Developer:  EA Sports
Publisher:  EA Sports
Features:  Multitap, Dual Shock
Ratings:  Early Childhood
Memory Req.:  
Last year's monster game is finally back with just a little bit of change. Probably, the biggest change is the title song from "Fat Boy Slim" to "Robin Williams (ex-Take That member) I don't know how much the new song helps the game. I personally like the previous one. However, November & December are crazy release months. We'll see few quality games with a bunch of quantity games. And, "FIFA 2000" is luckily only one soccer game release in these months. Of course, considering the market in US, soccer is not the No.1 sports issue. That's why the people have not many choices. Again, "FIFA 2000" contains 12 major league and 45 national team as well as 40 of the all-time greatest team. The quantity (850 clubs/18 national league) guaranties you to play your favorite league with the real name. As the result, for the first time ever, MLS teams have the chance to go head-to-head with the world class teams.

Okay, this one has three different modes: exhibition, tournament and season. The tournament mode allows you to create your own cup. It's kind of cool to have your favorite team's "World Cup" without worrying about getting the tickets and all the hooligans in the stands. If the US women team were in this game, the team probably would have played better than US men national team. Besides, if you want more, try to challenge the New EA sports select all-the time greatest top 10 teams. This mode is sweet.

Another sweet mode is a player transfer mode that allows you to trade players with other club teams. Each team is allocated a bankroll based on their actual resources, reputation, and history. Now, you can bring your favorite player to Inter Milan, Laze, Real Madrid, and Barcelona even Manchester United. If youíre disappointed in MLS, creating youíre dream two top with Italian striker Viali or the Ukraine superstar Schefucenko. They are really good! But, strangely Brazilís No.1 striker Ronaldo is not there. I mean, we don't see his name, only his name as No.9. Probably, EA couldn't get his rights too much money, man!

However, the graphics in FIFA 2000 are not as clear as you see in the demo. As the matter of fact, you canít even recognize the playersí faces clearly! For instance, Holland dynamo Davids has cool dread hair but we don't even see any difference from the other players in the game! It's sad, sad, sad! EA says that new features and improvements are physical play, new set piece selections, individual player detail, and shielding ability. Unfortunately, the new set piece selection still doesn't have auto loading, so we need to set up the game speed each time. The shielding ability is really improved. That's good. The ball controlling is smoother than the previous game. On the other hand, it allows you to score goal so easily. It's too easy in the amateur mode, and too hard in the professional mode. Still, the tricks and super plays/scores are funky. You may be happy with your beautiful goal, but did you really try to do that? Playstation2 is just around the corner, but I doubt that EA Sports deserves making this monster selling series for this next system that requires more "quality" than "quantity".

Thus, "FIFA 2000" is fun multi-player game for sure. Especially, when you get drunk with your friends, this game makes you guys happy because it allows you to play with a maximum of 8 players. Next time maybe eleven as in real soccer? Furthermore, beginners can play well quickly without knowing the rules or strategy. Considering the real soccer level in MLS, FIFA 2000 is exactly the right game. However, if you are looking for World Class soccer game, youíd better try the others.

Hideaki Jimbo

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